I’m going on vacation, but my blog isn’t.

I have minimal internet access at the greatest place in the world, but I’ve got posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Make sure you check back often and leave me a comment that I’ll be able to read but not reply to without getting frustrated by extremely tiny font on my mother’s BlackBerry.

You’re a peach.

9 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I love this – my boss was all excited when he saw this – he and I have serious attachment issues with crackberries and are surrounded by iphone lovers.

  2. I was all prepared to loudly complain that it’s not okay for you to leave…but then I watched that video. Go ahead and go wherever you want for however long you want. I’ll just watch that bit over and over again and be happy.

    • I’m still posting. Past me wrote it as if she were future me. But when it’s posted, it’ll seem like present me is posting, instead of past me posting, pretending she was future me. Present me is just a little confused by it all. I wrote it. But none of you know that I wrote it.


      • I…er…uh…yes? You’re weird. Isn’t that what quirky means? It’s like eccentric, except…quirkier.

        Anyway: have fun in the land of Not-Much-Internet. I’ll try not to trash your blog too much while you’re gone. (WOOOOOO! Party at Mandie’s blog!)

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