Caption Contest

Here is a picture of the little monkeys who know me as Aunt Tootie. I would love for you to caption this photo. The best caption wins a prize. I haven’t decided what that prize will be yet, but I’ll think of something awesome, I promise. Feel free to write dialogue as you see fit.

From L to R: My cousin’s blurry little one, Granolan, Bean and Dolly. Also a hand.


11 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Although they surprisingly excelled at playing Questions Only, the students at Aunt Tootie’s School of Baby Improv needed to do a lot of work before their Stand, Sit, Lie abilities came up to snuff; especially the Stand part.

  2. Dolly: What?! Why the heck did you let them use Comic Sans on my birth certificate, Aunt Tootie?!

    Granolan: I know, right? I’m still not over it…

    Bean: Hehe. Aunt Tootie likes me best. I got Helvetica on mine.

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