Oh hello!

I’m glad you decided to stop by, Internets. I am Mandie Marie. Most people call me Amanda. My family calls me Tootie.

My secret ambition is to be a rockstar or the world’s first ever sit-down comedian. I’ve been told that I am a combination of a tiny child and a senior citizen in a young woman’s body. I can’t eat gluten but five year olds think I’m cool. I also like to use conjunctions to combine sentences that are completely unrelated.

I am a huge fan of Jesus and I live to love extravagantly like he did. I’m usually pretty horrible at this, but I know part of following Jesus is being able to admit that you’re going to suck at it, but knowing that His grace has you covered beyond anything you can comprehend. Following Jesus means waking up every morning and letting yourself be wooed by an irresistible, relentless lover. It means continually giving up everything you want for the sake of One you need. It’s a crazy journey, but one that keeps me delighted and fulfilled every day.

In university I started blogging as a new means of procrastination. I have obtained two fancy degrees since I started and write about crap that I think is cool. I write for both comedic and therapeutic purposes. I can be accused of using too many commas, and sometimes my tenses aren’t consistent. I love comments so if you read a post leave me a little note. I promise it’s not creepy.

Welcome to my blog.