Seven Years

Yesterday marked my seven year blog-iversary.

Seven years.

That’s a long time.

My blog adventure had started years earlier, when MSN “Spaces” were a thing. I moved to an actual blog when I was 19. Back in 2006, this blog served as an online journal. I wrote about what I did on the weekend and what I was studying in school. The friends I hung out with that weekend were my only readers. It was for my inner circle. That’s what it was for.


Now that I’ve mentioned I started this in 2006, you’re all going to search for my first ever post. It’s embarrassing, but I’m going to leave it there because it’s history. If you read that post, you’ll hear all about my Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll hear about my friends, my family, food and swimming-when-it’s-way-too-cold adventures.

When I read my old stuff, I’m amazed. I’m amazed at how very young I was back then. I’m amazed at how consumed and excited I was with school and friends. I’m amazed at how I’ve grown both as a person and a writer.

I’ve done a lot in seven years. I’ve obtained two degrees. I’ve started my career. I moved out. I’m auntie to six beautiful kidlets (and pseudo-auntie to many more). I’ve dated, gone through breakups, switched churches, climbed a couple of mountains (metaphorically and otherwise), hugged lots of orphans, gone on trips, written a lot of words, gone viral (?!) and made a lot of new friends in the process. This little blog has brought me an abundance of unexpected blessings.

When I go back to that first post, I realize how completely unaware I was of the events about to transpire. I had no idea my writing would take me on adventures. I had no idea it would result in friends all over the world. I had no idea that it would lead me to the place I’m at right now.

I hope that in another seven years, I look at this post and feel the same. Oh Little Amanda. You have no idea what is in store for you. That thought is both exciting and terrifying.

What I’ve learned is this: my life – just like this blog – is about growth. It may seem that I’m not going anywhere very quickly until I look back on it. I look back on where I started, who I’ve met, what I’ve done. I look back and see progress (albeit slow). I see growth. Most people don’t have tangible proof of growth, but I have this blog.

And this weekend? It will be full of family, friends, food and adventures. Just as it should be.

Happy seven years, little blog.


13 thoughts on “Seven Years

  1. That is so exciting. “I hope that in another seven years, I look at this post and feel the same.” – I think this should be every writer’s (and every person’s, really) dream. I’m really enjoying your seven-year-old blog!

  2. I have very similar reactions with my first posts. Embarrasment, wonder, and feelings of distance. There is an incredible gap between life when I wrote those posts and life now. Congratulations, and heres hoping that many more follow on the blog.

  3. Happy 7 years! You were cool with MSN Spaces, and I had my dear beloved Xanga. I can’t even stomach the thought of going back to my first post THERE.

    Nonetheless, it’s an awesome thing indeed to track your life and your growth through blogging. Keep it going! Love your stuff.

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