The Fall

I’m getting tired of explaining what I’m doing this fall. My job situation is complicated and exhausting. I’m not bitter or frustrated with it, it’s just a long story and I’ve told it too many times. When people ask me what I’m doing in the fall, I will provide them with this link and the following information:

This fall…
I will be snuggling three new baby nieces.
I will be helping my mother set up a snazzy new condo.
I will be writing a book proposal.
I will be contributing to a couple of websites.
I will be taking pottery classes.
I will be taking Pilates classes.
I will be starring (haha) in another community theatre play.
No, I do not have a teaching job.
No, I do not have a guaranteed source of income.
No, I don’t foresee it changing drastically anytime soon.
No, I’m not sure how this whole “paying the bills” thing will work.

This fall I will be “just” substitute teaching but I’m totally okay with it.


6 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. I feel you. Boy, do I feel you. Also a teacher, and I am so sick of people asking me what job I have lined up for September. I don’t. I hope I get called to supply. Everything will be okay because it has to be and I don’t have a choice. The end.

  2. Came here from Converge. Well, I guess the origin was Facebook, when someone posted your childless and unmarried article, and then I somehow found the rabbit trail here.

    Anyways, I’m enjoying the reads. Consider me subscribed.

  3. I’ve just checked out your blog and saw this post and i just feel compelled to thank you! you are quite honest and i like that, I’ve been feeling down and beating myself up about being in the same position you’re in and i love that while you would probably want to be working full-time, you’ve accepted that youre not. I need to try to do the same. It’s hard but it helps to not feel alone.

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