Ready, set…

Tomorrow the Joseph Craven and I start our summer adventures.

Early in the morning we’ll drive to Toronto (thanks, Dad!). Then we’ll board a plane to Mexico City. After that five hour flight, we’ll get frisked, video taped and frisked again before boarding a bus headed north to Querétaro. Three hours later we’ll arrive at the bus station and hand a map with Spanish directions to a taxi driver who will take us the 15 minutes or so to Pan de Vida. We’ll arrive around dinner time (tacos?).

It’s all terribly exciting.

So many of you have asked about our trip, prayed for us and donated money. We went above and beyond our fundraising goal (!!!) which will allow us to put the extra money towards special projects (last year our team paid for medical expenses for a special little girl in the mountains). We are both so grateful for the support from all of you.

It’s not over yet, though. It’s just beginning. If you’re the praying type, I’ve got a list of things you could pray for this week:

– Our travels. Especially this whole “catch a taxi when you don’t speak Spanish” thing.
– Our team. We don’t know anyone on the team that we’ll be living with for the next 10 days. Pray that we’re united.
– Our health. I accidentally ate some gluten last Friday and I have been terribly sick this past week. I’m still not eating proper food without a lot of stomach pain. Eating foreign food could be tricky. Pray that it’s not.
– Our work. Pray that we get lots done that can benefit the kids and volunteers. Pray that there are no injuries that hinder what we can accomplish.
– Our families back home. They’re a big reason we’re able to go on this trip. My mother can tell you about all of the crazy stuff that happens when my dad and I go to Mexico. Pray for their protection in this as well.

Thanks for all of your love, prayers and cheerleading.

Going to Mexico, brb.


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