What Your Baked Potato Toppings Say About You

When I was in the South, I had the pleasure of eating at a restaurant that sold baked potatoes as a MEAL. I mean, these potatoes had it all. Basically anything you wanted could be found on top of a baked potato. For a potato-obsessed girl such as myself, I was in my glory. I was only visiting for nine days, but we had baked potatoes twice. I would have eaten one every day. I was sold. A bunch of stuff piled on my potato? Pinch me.

What Your Baked Potato Toppings Say About You
A completely inaccurate analysis

You’re the girl or boy next door. While there isn’t anything remarkable about you, you’re certainly not boring either. Your friends moms really like you. Not because you’re a suck up, just because you’re a genuinely great human being. You’re the classic, the standby. You might not have a wide circle of friends, but the ones you do have, you’ve had for years. You’re the guy who finds his dream job right out of college, and works there until the day you retire.

Sour Cream
Although you claim not to be, you’re kind of a Debbie Downer. You’re not a giant grumpy pants, but you do tend to be a bit of a worrier. If a situation could go one of two ways, you’ll automatically assume it’ll be the way that isn’t as good. It’s not that you want horrible things to happen, it’s just that you prepare yourself for the worst in order to not be let down. You’re a defensive pessimist.

Green Onions
You’re distinguished. You appreciate the finer things in life, and definitely have a glass of wine before bed every night. You’re simple, but classy. No one would ever accuse you of being obnoxious. A tad bit uptight, maybe, but not quite stuffy. You’re refined, polished, and have really clean fingernails.

Cheese Sauce
You’re the guy who’s always on at social gatherings. It’s really great most of the time because you keep conversation rolling and people laughing. You get invited to a lot of parties because you make a great buffer and can talk to anyone, even the most awkward guests. You do tend to talk about yourself a lot, which makes some people assume you’re self absorbed. In time, people learn that you just really friendly and hate awkward silences.

The Works
You take risks and live life in the fast lane. You’re not afraid to try something new. As a kid, if you played Truth or Dare, you’d always, without a doubt, pick dare. You’ve definitely injured yourself a time or two after asking the question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” You live as if there are no consequences, and people are usually envious of your carefree attitude. You’re the guy Nike thought of when they were coming up with their slogan.

Everyone loves you. You’re the best ever. The end.



15 thoughts on “What Your Baked Potato Toppings Say About You

  1. I always get the works because it makes a great meal. You never mentioned how you got your potatoes fixed up. Does that mean you are uncommitted?

    Walk daily with God at your side!


  2. I didn’t know anyone got their potatoes with anything but The Works. My whole world schema just shifted.

  3. What about Mint Chocolate Chip?

    Good analysis again. I like my potatoes either just butter and salt, or the works- and I sort of live in that bipolar extreme. And yes, that is unhealthy, like the baked potato.

  4. Everyone loves me, I’m the best ever. But I’m still the boy next door. I don’t know what the fact that I use real cheese and not cheese sauce means for me though. Butter + real melted cheese + bacon is sheer awesomeness.

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