Friday Mish Mash

Normally I’d leave you with some Field Notes from my week, or some weird personality assessment. But this week, I’m a little low on notes (sometimes kids are just normal). Instead, I give you some Mish Mash (which does include a few Field Notes).

Mish Mash:

– I’ve got some exciting news to share, but I’m not leaking it quite yet. You’ll have to wait. I can tell you, however, that it involves TV Asylum.

– Yesterday was a pretty cloud day:
– Have you listened to The Courtesy Laugh podcast? It’s FUNNY. I may be a little biased, but these four are among my favourite internet people and some of the funniest guys I know. Give it a listen.

– It’s fertilizer season, which means our whole neighbourhood smells like poo. We’ve started calling it “banure” this year.

– Speaking of Mennonites, I haven’t forgotten about your questions. I’m taking so long with those posts because it’s turning into a bit of a research project for me. I’m learning as I write.

– Last week I had the pleasure of hearing a British ginger kid say “rumply bits”.

– Have you liked my Facebook page yet?

– I taught a Character Development/Improv workshop this week. It was great fun, and just reminds me of how much I’d love to teach improv to for a living. Is that a thing? It’s probably not a thing. Let me know if it’s a thing.

– You probably already know that I despise Comic Sans font. Today I came across by far the worst use of this wretched font I have ever seen:
– Please picture Luna Lovegood saying the following: “Miss B, TWO things. One, my pinkies are STRONG. And two, we have to use the phone clock because the regular clock is slow.”

– The Bachelorette starts on Monday. The reason that is exciting has nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with the recaps. If you watch it, or are forced to watch it, Knox’s Tuesday recaps will make it more than worth your while. TRUST ME.

– Today marks the end of Heinous Profile Picture Week. I do hope that you participated. If you missed out this year, you can jump on board next year (2nd week of May!). This was my best (worst?) of the week:

Thanks, community theater!

-My friend told me a story about a hipster trying to impress her by telling her that he had almost 8 GBs of music on his iPod

What’s the most ridiculous thing you heard someone say this week?


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