Heinousity is totally not a real word, but I don’t really care because it’s awesome. Do you know what else is awesome? This week. It’s one of my very favourite weeks of the year. Or at least the month of May. Today, ladies and gentlemen of the internets, today is the first day of a week long event we like to call


I know, right? It sounds too good to be true. BUT IT IS TRUE. This is an event that started a few years ago by some dear friends, and since then it has caught on like wild fire. Really really ugly wild fire. So this year? Let’s make it spread even more.

Here are the rules (taken directly from the official Heinous Rulebook):

1. It must be your face.
2. You must not be making the face on purpose (crossing your eyes and sticking out your tongue is not heinous – you know you’re doing it to look cute).
3. It must be one that could evoke a reaction such as “Ohh. Let’s take another one”, or “Ohh. I see you weren’t ready for that”, or “Not photogenic are you?”.

It’s simple, really. You know those pictures of yourself that you untag? Or that you delete because they’re too accidentally hideous to show to the public? Well, those pictures will not go to waste. Put aside your vanity and be heinous for a week. I promise you, it’s fun. Personally, I have a different heinous picture for each day of the week. You can change it up, or keep the same, just as long as it’s truly heinous.

I will start off by posting this gem (community theater is providing me with most of this year’s heinous collection):

I realize it’s not that bad, but trust me, they will get worse as the week progresses.

Will you participate in the BEST WEEK [of May] EVER?


8 thoughts on “Heinousity

  1. The lid came of my 24oz coffee cup this morning whilst I was driving into work (I was going about 75mph). I went to take a sip, and instead ended up with shirt front full of coffee. While it doesn’t show my face, I did take a picture. I don’t which is more heinous: the stain, or fact that, because home is 20 miles away, I get to around like this all day.

  2. I would like you to know that I have a folder called “Heinous” on my computer for this week specifically. It has a subfolder for me, celebrities, as well as several friends in case they think they have no heinous pictures…

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