Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

On Wednesdays, I post a picture or two (maybe more) from my family’s photo archives that need not be explained. Why won’t they be explained?

Because it’s better that way.

Pictured: (I can’t believe I’m doing this) Myself, age 7


13 thoughts on “Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

  1. I have a nearly identical photo of Vivian when she was 3. Only she has a soother in her mouth, dangling like it’s a cigarette.

    Were you always so adorable?

    No home haircuts? Crooked Bangs? Oh. I’m projecting. My bad.

    • I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but yes. I was pretty much always adorable. But when you can drive and people still think you’re oh so cute, it gets REALLY old. I used to kick people who told me I was cute.

      Oh, and my mom had enough home haircuts and crooked bangs that she swore never to subject me to such torture.

      • true. My mother always cut my bangs the night before school pictures. The result? In all the photos I had very short and very crooked bangs but they saved money!

  2. Wow, your legs were REALLY short back then…like they begin at the knee.
    It’s great that you were able to eventually grow to as tall as you are.

    • That depends on whether the “this” is the act itself or the publishing of it to be seen by the entire world. I mean – right? ;-)

  3. I saw David Blaine do this once (levitate not use the bathroom.) You have an amazing talent. Have you ever worked as a street magician?

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