Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

On Wednesdays, I post a picture or two (maybe more) from my family’s photo archives that need not be explained. Why won’t they be explained?

Because it’s better that way.

The Joseph Craven’s old webcam.

The Joseph Craven’s NEW webcam.


The clown is terrifying. Am I right, or AM I RIGHT?


6 thoughts on “Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

  1. Now that’s love!

    I especially like the green Pokemon. :-)

    The bunny is perhaps a little ‘Donnie Darko.”

    Is his beard in the running over at Stephen Haggerty’s place? It ought to be.

  2. I think it’s pretty clear from this sequence that Joseph Craven is secretly part-bat and hangs from the ceiling at night, but has managed to figure out how to invert the picture to hide this on his newer cam.

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