How to Amuse a Two Year Old

This past Friday the whole family was over for dinner. It was a fairly typical meal. Grandpa said things we didn’t understand (What’s Puma? Is that French?), we made fun of my brother’s beach muscles, my brothers made fun of people from Mississippi, the kids did a bunch of cute kid stuff, and we ate some marvelously good food. Pretty typical.

After dinner we talked about the gymnastics class The Bean attends. She showed off some of her moves. I taught her how to bow (because every good performer needs a good bow, of course). We all tried copying her moves, and discovered very quickly that some things are much easier to do when you’re two years old.

This video starts right after my gas fitter/firefighter-in-training brother smacked his head on the hardwood floor. Also featuring an awkward high five courtesy of my Grandpa, my overly dramatic accountant brother and Little Miss Nurturing Bean.

I will never get tired of the moment at 1:21.

What do you mean this post is weird? Doesn’t your family do somersaults after Easter dinner?


5 thoughts on “How to Amuse a Two Year Old

  1. Nope. No somersaults here (and no Sault St. Marie either). One time the cousins and I rolled soda cans in my parents’ driveway after Thanksgiving dinner. Until they exploded from all the energy they’d built up. Soda (or is it “pop” in Canada?) fizzed out everywhere.

    That’s how we roll.

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