Tyler Tarver Wrote a Book and I’m a Horrible Internet Friend

A few weeks ago Sir Tyler Tarver sent me an email asking if I’d help promote his new book. I was all like, heck YEAH I will, but didn’t tell him that and then totally forgot about it. So I was supposed to do that yesterday. But I didn’t. So I’m doing it today, because there is still time.

If you don’t know who Tyler Tarver is, shame on you. He’s a hilarious high school math teacher with an even more hilarious accent (he’s from Arkansas, ya’ll). He is married to an Amanda, so he must be a wonderful human. He is also completely ridiculous.

He blogs. He writes. He photographs. He videographs. He makes videos that end up on Tosh.0. The guy seriously does it all. His wedding videos? Routinely give me goosebumps. He’s a talented individual.

He also likes celebrities. Not like….LIKE likes them. But he writes letters to them. 84 of them, to be exact. He’s compiled them into one awesome book called: Letters to Famous People. It’s FUNNY, people. Trust me.


And guess what? You have a chance to win a free copy! Check out Tyler’s blog NOW.

Then you can like him on Facebook.

And visit his photography and videography website.

Also follow him on Twitter for more ridiculousness.

Do it. Now.


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