Friday Field Notes: Dreidel!

Every week I encounter anywhere between 20 and 100+ kids. They say some ridiculous things. I write them down as accurately and timely as possible, then compile the best lines into these weekly Friday Field Notes.

Enjoy. I certainly do.

I know it’s Monday, but I forgot about these on Friday, okay? Then to post them on Saturday would have been ridiculous because I knew I had a post coming out on Sunday (which was entirely an April Fools joke. Knox McCoy is much too rich and busy to guest post for me. I wrote that nonsense. Actually a bunch of us wrote some nonsense and claimed it was Knox nonsense. But that’s besides the point) so I didn’t bother. Instead, you get Monday Friday Field Notes! Huzzah!

Grade 1/2

Kids are doing art.

Me: Oh! Nice work, B! You’re almost done!
B: I KNOW, so why do you have to tell me?
Me: (speechless)

Grade 1

(Y has quickly become a favourite. He’s like a real-life anime character.)

Me: Boys, shhh, let’s be quiet while we listen to the announcements.
(keep talking)
Me: Boys! Stop talking!
Y: We can’t talk to each other during announcements?
Me: No!
Y: (wide eyes) But can we talk in our heads?
Me: Yes.
Y: Oh. Good.

Kids are working on an assignment. Class is totally silent.


Me: Have a look at the picture. Do you see any energy saving things happening?
Y: I have A BAD NEWS.
Me: Oh? What’s that?

At recess.

G to Mrs. Short Natalie: How come you’re out here? Where is Mrs. M?
Natalie: Mrs. M and I switched spots. I come outside with you now.
G: I really miss Mrs. M.
Natalie: Well that’s nice, I’ll tell her you said that.
G: Do you think I’ll ever get over it?

Grade 3

Me: Good morning?

Playing Around the World. “A” got a question right. He dances to celebrate. Next girl in line is ready to play. She’s staring at me, waiting for the question. A is still dancing.
Me: Seven times eight!
(Look of panic on girl’s face as she starts skip counting)
(A is still dancing)
Me: Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time. A didn’t even hear the question.
(Still dancing, completely oblivious)
(Whole class is giggling. Still oblivious.)
(She answers the question.)
(He is really confused when I tell him to sit down)

Grade 2 (one of my favourite classes. Remember the Obama worksheet? That class)

E fell at recess and has sore fingers. We check them for swelling.
S: Because sometimes when you hit your fingers, they get bubbly.

Writing “colour poems”

T: Yellow is bumble bee, looking as robotic as always!

C: You are my favourite teacher because you are GORGEOUS!
Me: Thank you, but you still have to do your work, Miss C.

S: Operation tooth get out is a failure!

Writing letters about reducing air and water pollution/waste. These were some of their ideas:

– Give the garbage back to whoever littered it.
– If you leave your car running, you should ride a bike.
– Instead of leaving the tap running while you brush your teeth, use mouthwash.

Me: Well leaving a car running isn’t good for the earth. The smoke that comes out of the back of the car isn’t good for the air. That’s pollution.
E: Pollution smells GOOD.

At the end of the day.

Me: Your ticket out the door today is to tell me your favourite word!
C: Pizza!
L: Cool!
E: King Nebuchadnezzar!

Grade 3

S: When I asked to get a drink….uh…earlier, did I ask to get a drink or go to the washroom?
Me: You asked to get a drink.
S: (Face falls) Oh.
Me: Do you have to go to the washroom?
Me: Then go!

Grade 1

I recognize a kid from a web series that two of my improv friends named Tom made. I ask him if he knows my friends.
K: Yes. I am also in another show on TV.
Me: Cool!
K: Yeah. I’m kind of like Billy Crystal.



Educational Assistant: Well C, you can still be happy when you’re a dwarf.
C: No. There is no way. Dwarfism is AWFUL. Can you imagine just being a little kid all your life.
EA: Well no, that’s not how it works. You grow up, you are just tiny.
C: My life would be over if I had Dwarfism.

Have a good week even though it’s only Monday and not Friday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Field Notes: Dreidel!

  1. At least in future you can tell your children that you taught the next Billy Crystal. :)

    I can honestly say that is the first person I’ve ever heard say that car exhaust smelled good.

    As a teetotaler whose yard gets beer bottles, I approve of the “give the garbage back to the one who littered” idea.

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