Mystery Project

For weeks I’ve been telling The Joseph Craven that I have been working on a “Mystery Project”. He received a bunch of letters in the mail which I think he assumed was indeed THE project.

But it wasn’t.

Today is The Joseph Craven’s 24th Birthday. I could go on to explain this project a little further, but I think I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Happy Birthday, Jeyfoss Raven!

Big thank you to all of you who contributed! Sorry for those I harassed repeatedly by accident (coughBryanAllaincough). No thanks to those of you who agreed to this project but never followed through (coughTylerStantoncough).

In order of appearance:

The Bean
Knox McCoy‘s son
Katie Hardeman
Jessica Buttram
Stupid Dog
Jared Hollier
Nollie Cannoli
Rob Shepherd
Papa Bee
Mama Bee
Ricky Anderson
Little Sister Mary Palmer (of “I ate Derek Webb’s mac and cheese!” fame)
Jamie Golden
Pedro & Pepe
Matt Gates
Tyler Tarver
Stanton Martin
Bryan Allain
Katie Alicea
Tony J Alicea
Mark & Esther Slevinsky (of two butt hole fame)


37 thoughts on “Mystery Project

  1. This is awesomesauce. You put a lot of work into this!

    Loved your dad’s redneck birthday wish. He pulled that off well.

    Katie and Tony are pretty much…exactly like I’d expect them to be. Except I didn’t know Tony could screech that high.

    Also. She’s small enough, she’d fit. Jamie, your delivery and timing was impeccable.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Joseph Craven.

  2. I’m going to be honest. I am absolutely vain enough to feel a little self-conscious about my Linda Blair impression during my segment. I PROMISE I’m not demon-possessed.

    …or am I?

    (got milk?)

    Additional notes:
    – I should have played to my strengths like Knox McCoy and videotaped my kids instead.
    – Does anyone know what Katie’s signs actually say? I was too distracted by her awesome expressions and her ability to pick her nose with her tongue to pay attention.
    – Jared Hollier is an above average freestyle white rapper.

  3. I guess I missed the follow-up email that said I needed to film a child and/or in my vehicle.

    Also wish I would’ve known your birthday was on Wednesday instead of Friday.

    Oh well, I tried, The Joseph Craven.

  4. Jeyfoss Raven …. hysterical little kid. Disappointed you didn’t ask me for a cameo with Pedro and Pepe !! One last thing, why is he “the” Joseph Craven?

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