Six Degrees of Separation

Someone once said that everyone in the world is six steps away from any other person on the planet. I don’t know what I think of that, but I seem to find myself knowing someone that knows someone who knows someone else. I love playing the six degrees of separation game, especially when it makes the world seem a little bit smaller.

In my city, we also call this “The Mennonite Game” but instead of figuring out if you know someone famous, you try to figure out if you are related.

Since you’re probably not Mennonite, I now present you with my six degrees of separation to several people you may have heard of, or a list of things that makes me seem cooler than I actually am.

1. My friend is second cousins with Matthew Thiessen, lead singer of Relient K.

2. My friend graduated from the same theater program as Rachel McAdams and has consequently had telephone conversations with her about acting and such.

3. I was the flower girl in the wedding of a guy whose best friend was best friends with Steven Page (formally of the Barenaked Ladies) in grades 4 through 6.

4. My sister in law’s uncle is the Simon Cowell of Argentina. He attended Michael Buble’s wedding.

5. My sister in law’s family is friends with the “Mista! Mista!” lady in Happy Gilmore..

6. My friend’s friend (who is now my friend….wink) ate Derek Webb’s macaroni and cheese while she was babysitting his kids.

7. My aunt and uncle live in Africa. That’s got to count for something, right?

That’s it. My list is short. Please help me add to it.

What makes you sound cooler than you actually are?


45 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation

  1. I live in Nashville, so I’m basically separated by one or two degrees from every Country/Christian/Indie music artist. Therefore, I have many stories of one-degree separation. “I was at a birthday party with Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter.” or “I was at a coffee house and Ben Folds was there.” etc.

  2. My mom dated Leonard Nemoy back in the day, otherwise known as Spock.

    Her best friend dated Prince.

    My friend’s cabin is right next to Jesse Ventura, who was a Govenor/Wrestler/Actor. He rescued me when I tipped a jet ski and couldn’t figure out how to flip it over.

    My friends daughter is married to Michael Vartan, the teacher in Never Been Kissed.

  3. I once barbecued steaks and ate them with Reese Roper of Five Iron Frenzy.
    And my brother met Ray Romano and Gene Hackman, when they shot a 5-minute scene at the smallish airport he kind of manages.
    I was once friends with the little blonde girl who shouts “no! Don’t take Santa away!” near the end of Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause”.
    I’m practically a celebrity.

  4. Here’s another one for you (and me!): We were friends with Spencey when he served lunch for the parents of that one guy in Alexisonfire at Summer House.

    Also: Marilyn Manson used my dad’s company’s cameras for a video – thus he interacted with people whom my dad has interacted with

    Getting further along on the 6 degrees here…

  5. The best man at my parent’s wedding became an astronaut.

    I helped serve dinner to Twila Paris before one of her concerts (and my sister dropped her bun on the floor).

    I went to Performing Arts Camp with a girl who played Aura in the 2007-2008 Flash Gordon TV series, and is also now apparently in Fringe and True Justice.

    I dated a guy who played in a band who toured with Matt Good.

    I went to school with the guy with the mohawk in the centre of this screencap from Rat Race:

  6. I sang karaoke with Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer back in November.

    I once chauffeured the drummer (possibly the bassist though; I can’t remember) from the Smalltown Poets around my college town before a show and got to eat dinner with the entire band.

    Back in high school I got tasked to carry a package from the Pope in a video for one of those care package ministries whilst helping said ministry on a student council trip.

    And last, but not least I totally hung out with Joy Eggerichs last Wednesday. :D

  7. My boyfriend met and conversed at length with George Clooney. My boyfriend was a bartender and Clooney was in town filming Leatherheads.

    My boyfriend also met a lot of B-list celebrities and athletes when he lived in Nashville, so I’m basically just a few degrees of separation from being best friends with all of them. Right? Right.

  8. I was a friend of Rich Mullins, but Rich had LOTS of friends.
    Rich Mullins introduced me to Skyline Chili. Life changing.
    I ran spotlight for Steve Taylor once, and he and I swapped non-linear video editing stories.
    I once wore golf pants that were worn the previous day by Gordon Jump of WKRP in Cincinnati. They were part of a costume. Gordon and I did NOT share a changing room.
    Amy Grant once said “hi” to my wife.
    My Mom once said “hi” to John Denver.

  9. My sister is a certified rock star. She’s old college buddies with the guy who lost American Idol to Kelly Clarkson. She took tap dance lessons with Gregory Hines. She’s good friends with one of the band members of The Rescues, who performed on an episode of Glee. Her acting coach in college was in Girl, Interrupted and was thanked by name during Angelina Jolie’s acceptance speech after she won an award for that movie.

    I…stood in an elevator with the dad from Happy Days once. He did not ask me to go on tour with him. I totally win this sibling rivalry.

  10. Totally forgot these:

    My mom once met George Burns in Ohio. I believe he called her “Kid.”

    As a child, I shook hands with the late Billy Martin (of course, he was still alive at the time).

    A little (or a lot) more obscure:

    My son and I met the members of Decyfer Down after a concert, and had our CD signed. And for you Canadians, we met the members of Manic Drive, and a beachball signed by them.

  11. I once met Jim Carrey at a hockey rink in Mississauga. He was hanging around the rink and asked if he could play with our team to get some practice since he was going to the US to shoot some pay-TV movie about hockey. We had no idea who he was, and politely said no. The next week we saw his picture in the Entertainment section of the Toronto Star, and an article about how he had turned down an offer to appear on the Tonight Show (back then it was with Johnny Carson) because he felt he wasn’t ready yet. I don’t think the hockey movie ever got made, but he seemed to get over it nicely.

  12. Yours are cool!! :)

    My friend is cousins with Lance Bass.
    I think.

    My former boss’s nephew played Mike Teavee in the latest Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I met Luis Palau.

    • ALSO!

      My friend Tim wrote and played the music for the Kiwi! video on youtube.

      He also saw Enchanted being filmed in New York and met/got a picture with LMFAO in the airport.

  13. I was the special events coordinator for a Burton Cummings concert, arranged all his riders and yes, I met him. Pretty sure that makes me the coolest.

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