Pictures That Need Not Be Explained

On Wednesdays, I post a picture or two (maybe more) from my family’s photo archives that need not be explained. Why won’t they be explained? Because it’s better that way.

The following photos are all of my cousin Laura and I. Cousin trivia: she is exactly a year and two days younger than me. We used to accidentally buy the same clothes. She lives in Halifax (far away) now and that makes me sad.

Why all pictures of us? We’re cute and Laura also has a blog. She’s brilliant and she reads books, then writes about them. Her writing makes mine look like I’m all like, “DURR DURR WORDS AND STUFF”. It’s really good. I already told you she is brilliant and wonderful so go check it out. Now. Then look at these pictures of us. I would have had more, but both my camera and scanner are sick. Lowa, you should be thankful. I was going to post that one picture of you with the cat.


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