Aunt Tootie’s Christmas Story

Last year I started a tradition.

I sat my wee niece, The Bean, down and I told her the Christmas story using her Fischer Price nativity play set. It wasn’t really planned, but it turned out….well? Or well enough to make it a yearly tradition. If you need a refresher, or you totally missed it, here is last year’s video:

This year I had planned on telling the story before Christmas, and with the two new additions to the family (Cannoli and Dolly), but then people got sick. I was going to then tell it on Boxing Day (December 26th) when our family was together, but then my brother had to INCONVENIENTLY go to the hospital for a few days. Something about not being able to breathe? I don’t know. Lame. Instead, I had to tell the story when a certain southern visitor was here, and only with The Bean (apparently babies sleep a lot?). This is why you’re hearing about the Christmas story in January.

The notable difference from last year to this year? She talks. But still completely ignores her Aunt Tootie (that’s me).

Without further ado, I present you with this year’s Christmas Story (As told by Aunt Tootie):


4 thoughts on “Aunt Tootie’s Christmas Story

  1. crap that kid is getting cuter all the time. Glad your story went so well. My Mother in law grid that with Jarett when he was 2 years old using her nativity set. after baby jesus was born and placed in the manger Jaretts T-rex invaded and ate him. It was right out of a Mr. Bean episode.

  2. I still get a kick out of the part where the donkey’s name is Jack. And you kindly let us figure out his last name.

    Those were interesting gifts from the wise men, though: gold, Frankenstein, and myrrh.

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