Christmas Smorgasbord

In honour of the last Friday before Christmas, and to make up for a few lacking posts, I present you with…

A Christmas Smorgasbord: A Delightful Mish-Mash of Christmas Whimsy

There will be pictures, videos and Field Notes scattered throughout this post.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Pictured: My father, my father’s beard, my oldest brother, my oldest brother’s glasses

The weirdest, yet incredibly catchy Christmas song I discovered this season:

Kid holding a piece of paper over his lap: “I’m wearing a MAN SKIRT.”

Pictured: My dear friend Andrea, myself, and our blue Christmas balls. Ahem.

Librarian reading a book about robots to the kids: I’m sorry. My robot voice is not very good.
T (in robot voice): THAT’S OK. WE WILL FORGIVE YOU.

Another teacher told me this one.

Her: So how do you think Santa gets all those presents?
Tr: He buys them online.

Found this in my bed, thus signifying the start of the Christmas season.

Me: We missed you when you were sick the other day. What did you do to get better?
R (picture Luna Lovegood, and you’ve got this little one): I drank lots of tea with honey and lemon.
Me: Oh yeah? What kind of tea?
R (wide eyes, huge smile): Camilla.

My parents’ reactions to “Make your best IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! face.”

Playing giant rock paper scissors in gym class.

Boy: I still don’t get how paper beats rock.
Me: No one does.

E: Can you help me with my backpack? Not everything fits.
I help her, and fit everything in with no real struggles.
E: WHOA. Teacher magic!

Lyrics to my new favourite Christmas song by The Walla Recovery. You can listen to and download their Christmas EP for FREE here.

Come Ye Redeemed

Come ye redeemed of the Lord; your grateful tribute bring
And celebrate with one accord the birthday of our King

Yet us with humble hearts repair (faith will point out the road)
To little Bethlehem and there adore our infant God

In swaddling bands the savior view! Let none his weakness scorn!
The feeblest heart shall hell subdue where Jesus Christ is born

No pomp adorns, no sweets perfume where Jesus Christ is laid
A stable serves him for his room; a manger is his bed

The crowded inn, like sinners’ hearts (oh ignorance extreme)
For other guests, of various sorts, had room, but none for him

But see what different thoughts arise in our and angels’ breasts
To hail his birth they left the skies; we lodged him with the beasts

Yet let believers cease their fears, nor envy heavenly powers
If sinless innocence be theirs, redemption all is ours

I was going to add a little explanation to those lyrics, but I’m quite certain it sums it up quite eloquently. I pray that amidst the craziness, the fun, the sparkling lights, the presents and the food, that your heart leaves room to remember the baby that changed everything forever.

Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Smorgasbord

  1. merry christmas amanda, enjoy your holidays, and thanks for all the laughs this year (fyi I used the phrase seasonally appropriate candle holder in conversations at least 4 times this week)

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