Friday Field Nots

Internets, I totally tricked you. These aren’t the Field Notes. Read the title again for the oh so clever typo. I worked all half days in a bunch of new classes, which makes it difficult to write down funny things they said because I’m concentrating more on learning names (and on one particular day, not completely losing my mind). SORRY. Please forgive me. I do have a few that I’ll add to next week’s list. But for now….

My brain is buzzing with a load of different [exciting] stuff, and I feel as though I am one big hyper whirlwind. To focus, I write lists.

1. Today I am guest posting for my Internet Worst Enemy (IWE) Joseph Craven at the Greatest Blog of All Time. I know, I know. We’re IWEs, but we still write for each other. I don’t get it either. I also don’t get why it’s the Greatest Blog of All Time, but I’m just ignoring that part. But go HERE to check out my post about Why I Like Hockey Even Though I Don’t Like Hockey.

2. I miss my nieces and my nephew and Sylvan. BABIES. I need to hold you.

3. My dear friend Annie makes cloth diapers that you can buy on Etsy. Annie is super talented. She also makes cute babies named Sylvan. We like to go fabric shopping.

4. Annie’s brother-in-law Mark (who also happens to be a good friend of mine) wrote a guest post for me. It’s….beyond words. You’ll just have to read it to fully understand what kind of ridiculous is headed your way. Look for it on Monday.

5. Yesterday afternoon my mother and I went to the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto. In the parking garage, we switched scarves because we realized that it was an improvement to both our outfits.

6. Someone from the internets is likely coming to visit over the holidays. Weird? Absolutely. I won’t say who that someone is yet, but trust me, it’s going to be ridiculous. Bad ridiculous or good ridiculous? It’s hard to say.

7. I applied for a job that I had a pretty good chance of getting. I didn’t get that job that I thought I had a pretty good chance of getting. Not even an interview. Because I didn’t get that job, I am still able to go to Pan de Vida in February! It’s official! I’ve handed in my forms. A team of around 15 are going to Mexico. This will be my 5th time headed that way. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the “Pan de Vida” tag at the bottom of this post and you can see all my previous posts about it. I’m rather excited to be returning. More on this soon.

7. Children keep asking me why I’m not married. It’s starting to bother me a teeny bit.

8. Every year I make an unnecessarily elaborate gingerbread house. This year is going to be the best so far. I can feel it.

9. I need to start a Bible study.

10. My best friend Tyler sends me the best emails. An excerpt: “Also, what is with the return of skin-tight-down-to-the-ankles jeans for girls? I thought we left that behind in the 80’s with other awful things like Bill Saggett. Please use your immense influence in the girl world to put a stop to this and bring flared jeans back.”

11. Skinny jeans are not that bad on the right person. BOB Saget. Buddy, his name is Bob Saget. Unless Bill Saggett is an entirely different prominent 80s figure. I’m not too sure.

12. Have you READ Romans 1? I want to spend a bunch of time studying Romans, but I’m hung up on the second half of Romans 1. This may take awhile.

13. I recently burned my finger on my hair straightener. It blistered and has been rather painful, thus confirming my suspicion that burning would be the absolute worst way to die. I’ve been wrapping it with gauze and tape (to avoid band-aids, naturally) but then I can’t bend my finger at all. Did I mention I burned my middle finger?

14. My friend Knox McCoy has been doing a really sweet thing over at his blog. His friends have a wee sick baby. So he’s giving away a pair of Toms in order to help them out. Every $5.00 donation to wee baby Isaac’s foundation gets you entered in the draw for the Toms. Seriously, go read that story. Your heart will ache. Even if the draw is over, still consider supporting the family.

15. Every year I listen to this song and laugh heartily. I honestly cannot listen to this without going in to fits of laughter.

16. If you watched that and want an explanation, here it is. PLUS another rendition of the song, 20 years later. Listen for him dissing the 90s.

17. My friend Grant didn’t know what a Snuggie was. Naturally, someone had the idea to buy him one for his birthday. Zebra print.

18. I really enjoy lists.

19. I also enjoy my new flannel sheets and electric blanket. I am finally warm. My mother wanted this to be on the list so she doesn’t appear to be a horrible mother.

20. I’m in the process of revising my Life Goals list.

Now go back to item #1 and click on that link, please.


15 thoughts on “Friday Field Nots

    • Yes. One of these days, if I have an afternoon off, I’m coming to visit. I miss my preschoolers. Who are no longer preschoolers. I look weird in skinny jeans but I still wear them sometimes.

  1. I first heard that version of O Holy Night as a hidden track on a metal album about 6 years ago. I thought the band did the song. I listened to it no less than 7,037 times that Christmas.

    I even posted it to my blog last year. I think it was one of (if not THE) most trafficked post to my just started blog. It’s a Christmas classic for me.

  2. I like lists too!

    Btw, I agree Romans 1 is pretty powerful… but don’t forget to read Romans 2. Somehow, when I read Romans 1, I can easily forget where Paul goes with his logic in Romans 2:1.

    If you have a large chunk of time on your hands, and don’t know what to do with it (ha!), one cool thing I’ve found is reading an entire book of the Bible in one sitting, as if I was reading a letter to me, ignoring chapters and verses. It is possible to do this with Romans. It’s an interesting way to read it.

    • Yes, I know there has got to be a giant BUT! or THEREFORE! coming next. I do have lots of large chunks of time on my hands. Why do you think I have a blog (hah)? But yes, I do often sit and read my Bible like a novel more so than tear apart individual chapters. It was meant to be read in large chunks, me thinks.

  3. First of all: love <3 to you chum. Second, I am not sure how I could have mangled Bob Saget's name in such a bizarre fashion. I will have some of my people look into this.

    • You just less than three’d on my blog. This is a totally new experience, both for my blog and you. Have you been hanging out with teenage girls and/or hipsters? Explain this behaviour.

  4. So I read Romans the other day and by Chapter 6 I realized I understood almost nothing that Paul was saying…despite several years of studying theology (uh-oh). So I ordered a book to help me. I’ll let you know if it is helpful and then we can help each other. At Starbucks. In festive scarves.

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