Festive Bushes and the Like

I’ve lived in Waterloo all my life. I love it with all of my heart. I am proud to be a part of this city. However, the other day, I saw this tweet:

I was consequently sad that this was even a question, and replied with something snarky. Something to do with a festive bush. Anyway, that’s not important right now. Then a day later, I saw this tweet:

I was sad once again. In the span of a day, we went from questioning whether it should be called a Christmas tree, to declaring it a holiday tree. I love my city, but honestly, what’s the deal with this, City of Waterloo? One of the city councillors says that “the city of Waterloo calls it a holiday tree because we’re respecting all the different people who celebrate at this time of year.”

Oh well in that case, it’s very nice of you. Respect is a great thing. I’m all for respect and equality and inclusion and all of that stuff. But wait a second – who exactly celebrates at this time of the year with a giant evergreen tree covered in lights and red and gold sparkly ornaments? Jews? Muslims? Rastafarians? Whatever Tom Cruise is? Uh. No. I don’t think so. The tree is a Christmas thing. Christmas is a Christian thing. I’m not going to go as far as to declare a tree is a Christian thing, but you can go ahead and make your own connections. Big giant pretty tree = Christmas. Why are we trying to pretend that’s not a fact? To be welcoming? To not hurt anyone’s feelings? Why is Christmas getting the shaft here?

Let me put it this way: if you set up a giant Menorah in the middle of the town square, would you rename it a Seasonally Appropriate Candle Holder? Probably not. That’s not respectful. It would be offensive to pretend that it’s something else. It’s unmistakeably a Menorah, so you would call it that. If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, you wouldn’t call it a billed animal that flies and fancies the water. You would call it a duck. Because a duck is a duck. So you would call it a duck. If you didn’t, I reckon that duck would be offended.

Guess what? That giant tree in the middle of the city square covered in twinkling lights? That’s a Christmas tree.

I’m rather certain no one will be offended by calling something what it is. If someone preaches love, tolerance and acceptance of others values and beliefs, it completely goes against that message if they are offended by a Christmas tree. If you want acceptance of everything, than you must accept everything. Including big pretty trees. Christmas trees.

When I arrived at home one evening this weekend, my mother informed me that there was yet another story about this earth shattering and obviously very important news. Apparently we’re now back to calling it a Christmas tree. Also, my snarky tweet about festive bushes not being as offensive as Christmas trees made it on to the news.

This bit of information makes this mildly ranting blog post completely unnecessary. So THANKS A LOT, Waterloo. Also thanks for not being tools about the whole Christmas tree thing. And for putting my tweet on the news.

Merry freaking Christmas.


15 thoughts on “Festive Bushes and the Like

  1. I’ve learned one very important thing: if someone preaches love, tolerance and acceptance of others values and beliefs, quite often they don’t actually mean it. I know that sounds cynical, but in my experience, loudly preaching something tends to be a substitute for actually doing it. People who actually are accepting often are quieter about it.

    That said…now I want to start using the term Seasonally Appropriate Candle Holder.

  2. You go girl!! Also I think it’s time for everyone to finally get rid of the orange seasonally unappropriate vegetable on your front porch!
    Tyler..no fun to be twitterless my dear :)

  3. I thought that was a delightfully logical rant. Thanks.

    Some other points to consider:

    1) The municipal government is probably concerned that if they financially support a supposedly Christian holiday with a supposedly Christian symbol on public property, they will be roped into supporting other religious holidays as well. Is this a municipal thing? Or just a CTV thing?

    2) I’m sure business would like to maintain the Christmas spending spree without the religious aspect, and be friendly to all religions by making it “not a Christian thing,” and thereby increase their customer base.

    3) Christmas is never commanded in the Bible, so what the world does or doesn’t do to celebrate it is not really something that Christians need to get upset over, I believe.

  4. Giggling helplessly at “Seasonally Appropriate Candle Holder” and trying to work out how to casually drop it into conversation. Ha!

    Must now remove the “Seasonally Appropriate Orange Vegetable” from my porch! LOL!

  5. This has to be the best argument defending the Christmas tree that I have ever read, seriously! As I was reading, I started to think, “and just what about the Menorah?”, and then you nailed it with the “Seasonally Appropriate Candle Holder”.

    I have read a lot of blog posts lately that I’m surprised haven’t been “Freshly Pressed”, and this is one of them. This was very well written; love your style and admire your message!

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