Friday Field Notes: Cursive

Every week I encounter anywhere between 20 and 100+ kids. They say some ridiculous things. I write them down as accurately and timely as possible, then compile the best lines into these weekly Friday Field Notes.

Enjoy. I certainly do.

This week….was perfection. I was busy every day and loved every class I was in. It was most definitely a “I can’t believe they’re paying me to do this” kind of week.

My Monday afternoon started in A’s class (who was away, sadly). The Friday previous (Remembrance Day) I informed them they were having me for an entire afternoon of art. So Monday when I walked in the room, they stood up and cheered. It was more for the art than for me. But still. Standing ovation and cheering. I felt like a superstar. Great start to the week.

During a bus evacuation drill. A girl, S, gets chosen by the bus driver to be a volunteer.

C (of “forget her, she’s dirty” fame): She gets to do everything just because she has diabetes!

Grade 2/3

A boy, L, brings in a fairly extensive leaf collection. We spend fifteen minutes pouring over each leaf and showing the class. Students asked questions afterwards.

R: Do you like leaves?
L: No. Not really.
Me: Sigh.

Grade 4

F: My name is F, and I like waffles.
Me: Waffles are plaid pancakes!


K: My name is a vegetable.

E: My name is E and I like cheese.
Me: Trees? Why are they awesome?
Me: Oh! Cheese. Well why cheese?
E: I like the way it looks.
Me: So you don’t like to eat it?
E: Nope.
Me: You just look at it and say, “That’s a nice piece of cheese”?
E: Yes.

J: I like velvet cupcakes. I want to marry Luke Skywalker. I love Star Wars. And I love Star Wars. And I love Star Wars.

A: My name is A, and I like to be annoying.

J: My name is J, and you should never trust A.

R: One time, I was at King’s Buffet and I got some water and asked my dad to make it lemon, so he squeezed the entire lemon and made my whole water lemon and the lemon jumped out of his hand and hit me in the eye. So that’s how you can remember my name.

Ch: My name is Ch, I like cheese and Clone Wars. That’s how you remember my name.

I: My name is I, and tonight after school, we’re going to hide the baby monitor and use it to spy on my brother playing video games.

M: It’s like being in the jungle. It’s scary and you have to trust each other and use a machete to cut down trees and vines, but you would never go off on your own because that would be dangerous. You have to work together to get food and shelter. You have to be careful and trust each other so you don’t get eaten by a crocodile.
Me: That was the most intense metaphor for group work I have ever heard.

K: This is like a fly swatter for your kitchen. So in case flies are borning babies on your food.

Grade 3

Me: Tell me something awesome about yourself.
K (jeans pulled up really high, sweatshirt tucked in to jeans, glasses): My name is K, and I like writing reports.

Ooooof course you do.

Me: Tell me something awesome about yourself.
C: I like cursive.

Ooooof course you do.

Later, during a Special Me exercise. The kids have to write something nice about the Special Me person. They had to bring it to me to check over and approve.

C: Sorry if you can’t read it. It’s in cursive.
Me: No worries. It’s great.
C: Oh good.
Me (reading): “J is special because she is really kind and she is quite flexible. She is also special because she uses cursive.”

A: “J is special because she is a very flexible person and she speaks our language politely.”

E: “J is special because she can do the splits, even when she is wearing jeans.”

(At least half of the class made a mention of her flexibility. Because that is what is important when you are 8 years old)

Friday Field Note BONUS!

Tuesday night was our community theater dress rehearsal. One of the actor’s kids came to see the show. The 3 year old girl was SO sweet and everything that came out of her 6 year old brother’s mouth was gold. Here are a few things they said that night:

Me: I’m Amanda.
Him (grabbing my hand immediately): I’m C. Can I tell you a secret?
Me: Sure!
Him: But you can’t tell anyone.
Me: Ok, I won’t.
Him: Guess what. Can I tell you where I live?
Me: Ok.
Him: But you can’t tell anyone.
Me: Oh I won’t, I promise.
Him (whispering): 333 First Street. But DON’T TELL because that would be bad.

Him (hugging me): Guess what? We don’t live at the same house, but we can still be best friends forever.

Me: How old do you think I am?
Him: Twelve!

Him (nuzzling under my arm): When you get older, you get more dead.

Him (holding my hand): Well, I got to go and learn stuff so I know more stuff and learn.

During Act I, when her mom walked on stage:

Her: MOMMY!!!!!!

We all melted backstage.

Seeing his little sister dancing on stage during intermission:

Him: I wish I could do that.
Me: You can! Go up the stairs!
Him: I’m feeling shy. But if I go up, I won’t dance.

He went up on stage. And danced.

During intermission.

Him: Are you really bad guys? Do you really like snakes?
Me: No. We’re just pretending.
Him: So you’re not a bad guy.
Me: Nope, I promise.
Him: GOOD.

Still during intermission, five minutes later.

Him: HEY! You were a good play!

When the lights come up at the beginning of Act II:

Him: HEY! They’re all back again!

(I broke character and giggled)


Erica (to little sister): Do you like watching your Mommy be the Sherrif?
G: Not really!

And so ends a perfect week.

Have a great weekend, Internets. Practice your cursive.

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