HalloWINNING: Part 3

WordPress hates me. I’ve tried to post this too many times.

HalloWINNING: Part 3

Last Sunday our young adults group hosted an 80s party. There was 80s hair, 80s food, 80s music and 80s dance moves. It was everything I love in a party. The leadership girls wanted to get ready together (as is customary) but I had something special planned. I did my makeup, put on my costume, drove to church, parked in a Seniors parking spot. This is who hobbled in the door that night:

Meet Gladys

Here is a list of all of the elements of my costume: Dirty wig from the depths of Theatre Wellesley’s costume cupboard, caked on makeup, glasses on a chain, big earrings, tacky necklace, six broaches, matching blouse and skirt, beige knee highs, running shoes, cane and a purse filled with hard candies, Kleenex, container of prunes, a bottle of Benefiber, and a picture of her grandchildren (a keychain photo of my brothers and I when we were young).

Yes, I got some strange looks, but it was totally worth it. Do you get it? Some people didn’t. When they looked at me puzzled, I exclaimed, “I’m EIGHTY!” and offered them a prune or showed them a picture of my grandchildren. When they still didn’t understand why it was funny to be eighty at an 80s party, I gave them this look

and promptly shuffled away. With Gladys that evening, I accomplished three things:

1. Won 1st place in the costume contest
2. Had a ridiculous amount of fun
3. Crossed off one of the items on my 30 Before 30 list

#10 on my 30 Before 30 list says this: Talk in an accent for an evening in order to convince a stranger that it’s real.

Gladys had a distinct voice and personality. She may not have convinced anyone she was real, but people interacted with her as if she was really eighty. Gladys won the costume contest by a landslide. Amanda only got one vote.  The essence of #10 on my list was to stay in character for a long period of time. I know I had accomplished this when a friend said, exasperated, “Will you PLEASE STOP and just talk to me NORMALLY?” I smiled and asked if he’d like some fiber sprinkled in his drink.*

With that, I cross it off my list.

Despite the fact WordPress hates Gladys, I very much love her. It was a good night, possibly even the best of three.

HalloWINNING Part 3? Smashing success.

Now get off my lawn!



*Turns out his kid had taken his first steps that week and he wanted to tell Amanda, not Gladys. Gladys was delighted. Amanda expressed her delight on Facebook later that night.


8 thoughts on “HalloWINNING: Part 3

  1. The gusto with which you dress up for Halloween is pretty solid evidence that you and I could be real life friends. Also, how could they not understand the hilarity of dressing up like you’re 80 for an 80s party?

  2. That’s absolutely hilarious, Gladys! And most definitely WINNING. I doff my hat to you, ma’am. The costume is perfect, and I love the character.

    After watching the videos, I add special shout-out to purple tights and yellow leg warmers girl. That’s some styling right there!

    And now one of my curiosity questions. Did disco hit Canada in the 80s? That move right before the robot in the second video woulda been a 70’s disco move in the US, but it makes sense that it would have been the 80s before it jumped the border.

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