HalloWINNING: Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you should probably check that out first. Click anywhere on this sentence.


HalloWINNING: A Trifecta of Brilliant Costuming, Hilarious Antics and Candy I Could Not Eat

Part 2: Saturday

Before I begin, I should probably mention that I have been sick since the end of the summer. This weekend was the first that I felt even remotely like a human being. Since the summer. I’m still not better, but I’m getting there. Oh, and then I decided to get a cold this past week too. So what better way to celebrate being almost kind of healthy but still not really than to physically exert myself three nights in a row?  I know internets, I KNOW. It’s a genius plan.

My good friends the Smiths had a party. So what does a tiny, sick, exceptionally white Canadian girl dress up as to go to a “People Who Are Dead” themed party?

The answer is pretty obvious.

Bob Marley. Again, everything I wore I found in my own closet. I don’t know if that should scare you or impress you. All of the other ladies at the party looked fabulous:

And I looked like a dude. Typical. Remember how I said earlier that I’ve been sick since the summer? And that I was out Friday night? This is me dressed as a dead person and also feeling quite close to it. I didn’t even last until 9:00 pm. I had a long day coming, and I needed to be prepared for the third day of Halloween. The party itself was fantastic, as were the costumes and the people in them. I was the total sickie lame-o in this situation.

HalloWINNING Part 2? I did not live up to the potential this evening offered.

Trust me, I made up for it in Part 3. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “HalloWINNING: Part 2

  1. You managed to look bright and sunny despite feeling terrible, at least. :)

    Who is the girl in the beret next to Mother Teresa supposed to be? I think I should actually recognize that outfit, and nothing is coming to brain.

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