You Can Dress Me Up…

…and you can take me out because I love costumes. I have an entire closet full of dress up clothes. I have taught lessons based on my crazy hat collection. Ernie Coombs has nothing on me.

I am very much looking forward to this weekend. A three party, three costume weekend. So to get you in the dress up mood, I present you with a slideshow of sorts (that you will have to scroll through yourself) of my costumes throughout the years. Some are better than others.

During the Napoleon Dynamite fad
Your favourite Christmas gift
Second hand skate (dress each other up, then go roller skating):
The first appearance of the Dora sweaters
Newspaper runway model
Airport security
BINGO BABES. I still cringe in disgust looking at this.
The Princess and the P (I misplaced my crown for this photo)
Bride and Groom (yes, that is my mother’s wedding dress)
One of the three little pigs. I had straws in my apron.
Really trashy 80s outfit. That dress is velvet.
Alice in Wonderland (this was at my summer job)
One of last year’s costumes. It’s like a riddle…
Can you guess what I am?
Zombie prom

Now who wants to have a theme party?


23 thoughts on “You Can Dress Me Up…

  1. You made an entirely adorable Christmas Present. Also a very cute Alice. The White Rabbit is creeping me out, though. I don’t know why.

    I applaud your young wisdom in choosing the pig with the straw rather than carrying bricks around in your apron all night. Wise call.

    Also a very nice job on the zombie makeup.

    And you’re a B-52.

  2. For some reason this post reminded me of this song.

    And this song reminded me that it’s about time to break out the Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas Christmas albums. :)

  3. Love these!! you are awesome! (the grannies, zombie prom, the newspaper one… good work!)

    for halloween one year I dressed up like a crazy sports fan with pom poms and a sign that said “GO CEILINGS!” Can you guess what I was…?

  4. A few comments:

    1- I was sad for your friend Kristi, but then remembered how all my students thought I was a man when I drew myself a goatee and stache. It happens.

    2- You bear a striking resemblance to Tina Fey in your trashy 80’s get up.

    3- You can really rock the side pony.

    4- I still don’t get the B-52 thing.

    5- Your pose in the first picture is incredible. I need to use that one in my next solo shot.

    • @katie The B-52s is an American singing group formed in 1976. In the red dress picture, Love Shack and Rock Lobster on the hand-held word balloons were both songs of theirs, although I’d never heard of Rock Lobster before her pic.

      According to Wikipedia (source of all knowledge), the B-52s were named after a particular type of beehive hairdo that resembled the nose-cone on an American B-52 bomber, because the drummer of the group had a dream about a band in which he was told the band’s name was the B-52s.

      There you go. :)

  5. I am just proud that I have been a part of EIGHT of these events, and that no one figured out that I am indeed in three pictures :D
    Also, Tag Rag: Crunchy Vibe.

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