Friday Field Notes: Ploblem

Every week I encounter anywhere between 20 and 100+ kids. They say some ridiculous things. I write them down as accurately and timely as possible, then compile the best lines into these weekly Friday Field Notes.

Enjoy. I certainly do.

It’s funny how life events are orchestrated perfectly. I only worked two days this week. Normally the kids I see are nutty and I have lots of strange things to report. This week, every child I encountered was an absolute sweetheart. I had no issues in any of the classes I was in. I didn’t bust out my frowny face at all. Today was a “walk into a room and get attacked with hugs” kind of day. Which was precisely the kind of day I needed. Thankful for those little sweeties.

But they were still pretty funny.

Grade One

Me: I don’t know your names, so will you help me learn them?
K: Well, you could review our name tags. (Pretty sure this kid is a robot….)

Me: Tell me your name and something awesome about yourself.
K: I want it to be Christmas so I can look through a telescope. To see Santa. But I don’t have one. That’s the ploblem. BUT! I wiiiiiill get one!

E: It’s the twenty oneth!

K: I write the words first ’cause I don’t forget the words!

Grade Four

R: Do you know the show the Young and the Restless?
T: That sounds bad.
R: What?
R: It used to be bad but now it’s getting good again.
T: It’s about wrestlers?!

Read this in a grade 2 story:

“SUDDENLY! the prince fell off the boat and almost drowned! Ariel pulled him onto the sand. She held him in the sand and gave him CP-A. And she saved him.”

Grade two can’t find a mitten. I found it hiding on a shelf behind a shoe.

R: I’m pretty sure all teachers are MAGIC!

Have a good weekend, Internets. I hope it’s relatively ploblem free.


13 thoughts on “Friday Field Notes: Ploblem

  1. I also hope you wrestle those blues with hugs and magically save your weekend with CP-A. :-)

    Thanks for keeping these Friday Field Notes going!

  2. Excellent timing. Yesterday evening wasn’t my favorite evening of the week (I HATE TRAFFIC AND LOSING). It was nice to arrive home to find a new Friday Field Notes.

    And I, like G Fresh, would totally watch The Young and the Wrestlers. Somebody needs to make this happen.

  3. I have my own friday field note to add
    talking to one of the preschoolers about what they want to be when they grow up and he says race car driver, I ask jokingly what I should be when I grow up and get
    “you’re not a very good teacher so maybe you should try bus driver”
    turns out I”m not a very good teacher because I don’t let him do whatever he wants when he wants, darn teachers with rules, how dare we.

  4. I’ve decided that pasqrnbcwgt and aojphnfcqt are probably Martians, and our primitive Earth software just isn’t capable of translating properly their names and their comments on how interstellarly awesome your Friday Field Notes are.

    Or they could be spammers, but that’s far more boring.

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