Friday Field Notes: Obama

Every week I encounter anywhere between 20 and 100+ kids. They say some ridiculous things. I write them down as accurately and timely as possible, then compile the best lines into these weekly Friday Field Notes.

Enjoy. I certainly do.

This week I was only able to make it to one class. There aren’t very many of these, but they’re good.

C, first thing as she walks through the door in the morning: MISS B! My [seven year old] sister says you’re HOT!

Math sheet about number groups on the overhead.

Me: What do you notice about the items in this picture?
Y: The guy looks like President Obama.
Me: Oh. Kay. (DYING LAUGHING INSIDE BECAUSE CLEARLY THE MAN ON THE SHEET LOOKS LIKE SENOR CHANG) Interesting observation. What else do you notice?
T: The girl looks like my friend’s little sister.
Me: Anything about MATH?

Me: (big long rant about not asking to go to the bathroom during a teaching time and using break times wisely and not missing out on instructions because six of you decide you need to pee simultaneously)
T: Can I go to the bathroom?
Me (frustrated and wanting to move on with this dang math lesson): NO . We’re talking about math. What are things that come in groups in our classroom? For example, I see a group of six desks. What else comes in groups?
Y: Students going to the bathroom!

Me: What comes in a group of two?

Me: When you’re finished drawing the pictures on your sheet, you can hand it in on the rocking chair.
Y: Can I colour President Obama?
Me: Sure.

Hands me his sheet a few minutes later and only one man is coloured in. Then I realize he really means THIS guy looks like Obama, not the Senor Chang guy.

Me: Y, I’m sorry for ever doubting you.

Sorry for the lack of Field Notes. I’m still recovering from sickness.

But seven year old girls think I’m hot. So there’s that.

Have a great weekend.


16 thoughts on “Friday Field Notes: Obama

  1. laughed too much at the picture confusion and loved the compliment on your hotness.

    Today a student told me I “look like a princess.”
    Then said, “I’m so dumb” and ran out the door before I responded.

        • My friend is a high school substitute teacher. This was her status the other day:

          “being a supply teacher can suck. really suck. And then, sometimes, something magical happens. Like when the boys in a grade 11 class turn the lights down and sing “someone like you” by Adele while doing their wordsearches. followed by Phil Collins. Amazing.”

          Wonderful things can happen in high school, too.

          • The Adele moment rocked my world! The things high school students say are definitely not as cute as elementary and sometimes infinitely more shocking (I came up behind a group of students the other day trying to guess my bra size….AWKWARD!)

  2. Are Canadian students unusually aware of American politics? I ask because in all honesty, I couldn’t tell you what the prime minister of Canada looks like. I knew the candidates’ names back before the election because I was watching a lot of CBC and saw far too many campaign ads (so I ended up assuming they were all either irresponsible scoundrels or political deities, depending on whose ad I saw last), but even those have fled my memory.

  3. I love the “What comes in groups?” question. I once asked in Sunday School (we were getting to the Trinity…eventually), “What comes in groups of four?” Kid A: “Cats!” ??? Kid B: “We all have four cheeks.” Me: “What about wheels on a car??”

  4. I teach first grade. This week our guidance counselor came and read to the kids. Before the story she asked the kids if they knew what the word “occupation” meant. Blank stares. She asked if they knew the word “career.” ‘Oh yeah,’ said one of my students. ‘That’s what they call people who only eat vegetables.’

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