Because today is Thanksgiving, you get this post.

I’ll be blatantly honest. This past week was not a good one by any means. But mah bebehs came over and made me smile. So here comes an Aunt Tootie Brag Blog.

This takes a LOT of co-ordination

Making Music with an almost two year old:


She had drool on her hands

Nolan Says No

Like a BOSS



Happy Thanksgiving. Go hug a baby.



12 thoughts on “Thanksgiver

  1. Here in the States, it’s Columbus Day. Where we celebrate either one of the greatest explorers or one of the worst greedy genocide unleashers the earth has ever seen, depending on who you ask.

    Happy Argue About a Guy Who’s Been Dead for Half a Millenium and Can’t Defend Himself Day!

  2. I would make that face too if I had drool on my hands. Nephews and nieces are the best. Also, I can’t believe you asked your dad if Nolan kicked him in the nuts. That caught me off guard.

  3. I was going to complain about your alienating your United Statesian audience by taking a holiday we celebrate later, but then snickeringcorpses reminded me today is a federal holiday here, too. So…carry on with your holidaying.

    And stop drooling on kids’ hands. What, now you’re going to try to tell me that wasn’t your drool on her hands? I don’t believe that for a Canadian second.

    • Something just seems weird about calling a girl a jerk. Can girls be called jerks? Is jerk a masculine-only term? Have we broken important grammar rules? Are there grammar rules for name-calling? Should we form a committee to study the issue, and could we get a government grant? If we get Mandie to join, can we call it an “International Study Group” and get duplicate funding from both Canada and the US? Can we all three retire as millionaires out of this important work somehow?

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