The Accent

I did it.

I asked some of you what words you would like to hear me say in my Canadian accent. Then I made a video.

Blame my webcam for the terrible quality and my pasty whiteness.




Now you may go ahead and apologize profusely for ever thinking Canadian accents are wretched.




31 thoughts on “The Accent

  1. I dunno about the other corners of the country, but most of your pronunciations sound normal here in the South. That would be USA’s South, naturally. Which is actually Southeast, but South is Southeast and Southwest is only Southwest and is not South. Does Canada have a South? Are you allowed to call anything that close to the Arctic Circle “South”? Or do you just have North, Less North, and More North?

    If you as a Canadian tell people from New Jersey that they’re from “down South” do they freak out and send the mob after you? Maybe you shouldn’t test that theory.

    We use both sher and shoo-er in my neck of the woods. Depends on whether you wanna emphasize it or not. Examples:

    Are you ShOO-ER you wanna do that?
    You sher do look pretty tonight.

    The first one requires a properly lifted eyebrow, questioning the target’s sanity appropriately.

    Genuine question: “Ate a egg.” In normal conversation, would you use “an” egg, or does Canadian grammar not use an in front of words beginning with vowels? I’m assuming it’s “a” just for the fun of it, but my curiosity now demands to know if the grammar rules are different, so I ask.

      • There’s Canadian spelling. :D There could have been Canadian grammar. Indians (the kind from India rather than North America) have their own unique grammar rules regarding word order and verb tenses. Or at least their own unique way of speaking it. There’s an Indian comic with a routine about Indian helpdesk operators masquerading as Americans. “Hello, my name is *papershufflingsound*…Billy Bob. What problem you are having today?”

    • Oh….well…I’m actually blocking the third person in that photo. You see my uncles. I’m blocking my dad. It’s a picture they had taken when they were teenagers for their parents. It’s…unreal. Plaid, dark rimmed glasses, handlebar mustache. Oh. Yes. It has and will always be my favourite picture ever. Ever ever.

  2. Two thoughts: 1. You need to do more videos and 2. YARRRR, where be the magic picture story o’ the mighty an’ afeared pirate accent, me foin, egg-eating Lass; this bein’ International Talk Like a Pirate day an’ all? Cap’n Freshbeard be highly perturbed and itchin’ ta keelhaul somebody over it.

  3. the “Chick-fil-A” vs. “Chick filet” portion of this video cracked me up.

    Also, 95% of what you said didn’t sound that weird to me. I wish I could have gotten you to say, “loonie, toonie, shinny, eh” in one sentence…

  4. Here’s a question. I periodically scold one of my British friends for referring to Americans as “Yankees” rather than “Yanks.” Do Canadians also call Americans “Yankees” or is that just a British thing?

    Calling someone a “Yankee” in the wrong part of the South could be life threatening. :)

  5. I was watching this before school this morning and right as were in the middle of your “hoser” explanation, an administrator walked in. I tried not to panic or look too guilty as I madly scrambled for the mute button.

    Also, your faces while speaking French are remarkable. I wish I had that kind of control with my upper and lower lips. And you also have amazing control of your eyebrows. No wonder you make such awesome faces.

  6. I just got a chance to watch this. Pretty darn funny. The person I heard say, “Let’s eat in the shade”, said it like this, “Let’s et in the shed.” Maybe they were French or from Alabama, probably both.

  7. Chick-Fil-A should be able to spell its name any way it wants. It’s that good.

    My favorite pronunciation was “goatee.” I rewound the YouTube and listened to it 4 times.

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