Three Recommendations

Like most human beings with the capability to feel emotions, I like music. I listen to all sorts of music, but the stuff I love most can usually fall into one of the following categories: jazz, oldies, indie rock, obnoxious children’s songs, showtunes, classical, and stuff no one has heard before. Please note that twangy country is not included on this list. I love to swap music recommendations. I will now do just that.

Here are three of my current favourites that I highly recommend:

Jon Bryant
Who: a tall, jovial bearded man from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Where I first heard him: Live, when he opened for Starfield at a concert I volunteered at this past summer. A bunch of us were in the foyer, heard his music and were drawn in to the auditorium, slack jawed because he had seamlessly transitioned from one of his songs to an old school hymn.
Why he’s awesome: He has mad guitar skills and his vocal range is unreal. Also he’s a really genuine dude. After hearing him that first night, a bunch of us went to a couple more shows he played around the city in a very short span of time (three shows, two weeks?). We had a blast hanging out with the guy. He was likely terrified of us and glad to get back to NS, but we had a good time regardless.
You’ll like it if: you like mellow acoustic guitar stuff with poetic lyrics that aren’t in the least bit whiny. Or if you like guys that tweet about putting cats in microwaves.
My favourite song: Texas Tea, if I had to choose (and it’s difficult).
Now please listen to a different but equally awesome song:


Rue Royale
Who: a husband from the US and wife from the UK
Where I first heard them: a friend made me one of his legendary mixed CDs and RR were track 10
Why they’re awesome: Their harmonies are absolutely delicious, and the lyrics are just as sweet
You’ll like it if: you like the Civil Wars or dudes who wear Colonel Saunders glasses
My favourite song: Tell Me When You Go
Now please listen to a different but equally awesome song:


Madi Diaz
Who: a 25 year old from Nashville
Where I first heard her: a recommendation from Matt (thanks!)
Why she’s awesome: she sings lyrics like this: “If you’re wondering, no/I haven’t thought of you since this afternoon/If you’re just stopping by, go/I’ve got so many interesting things to do/but not with you”
You’ll like it if: you like belting out catchy lyrics in the car during the three hour drive to the cottage. Not that I ever do this (I do this)
My favourite song: Love You Now
Now please listen to a different but equally awesome song:


Others that I am currently listening to constantly: Adele, Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars, Billie Holiday, Ingrid Michaelson.

Your turn to swap recommendations in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Three Recommendations

  1. Hey Mandie, Great suggestions. That video of Madi Diaz was taken while she was touring with a group called Ten out of Tenn You should definitely check them out. I don’t know if you noticed, but Joy Williams (from the civil wars) is playing the keyboard for madi in the song.

    Check out Kyle Andrews (Robot Learn Love)

    Check out Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (It’s a Corporate World)

    One of my long time favorites is Alexi Murdoch (Toward the Sun and Time Without Consequence)

  2. You’re very welcome on the Madi Diaz recommendation. Sharideth and I actually just ran into her a bar a couple weeks ago. She’s got a new EP coming out September 20th, btw.

    And thank you for the Rue Royale recommendation last year. They are fantastic and I looooove both albums!

    Further recommendations:

    Bon Iver is good if you haven’t listened to him yet. Both of his albums and his EP are pretty great. He might be a slightly acquired taste as honestly, you can’t really understand what he’s saying and then when you look them up, half the time the lyrics make no sense, but the music is gorgeous.

    If you like Ingrid Michaelson, you might like The Guggenheim Grotto. They opened for Ms. Michaelson on her last tour.

    I highly recommend Angus and Julia Stone (although I think I’ve recommended them to you before).

    And Andrew Belle (another local Nashville talent) is pretty good as well.

    Oh, and an older album, Broken Bells self-titled is awesome!

  3. I fell for Madi Diaz when she opened for Mat Kearney here a while back.My favorite of hers is I Know I Know from Ten Gun Salute. I’m glad to see Matt mention the new EP!

    I’m in it to win for those other 2 recs. Guitars, a 5-o-clock shadow, couples singing of love – how can it not be perfection?

    New albums on rotation for me: Jon McLaughlin, Steve Moakler, Shane & Shane, and the Jay-Z, Kanye collaboration.

  4. I’ve been listening to a lot of 80s music on Pandora recently. So…uh…yeah, I’m weird. But I find it’s almost impossible for me to bring up my 80s music channel on Pandora and not be cheerful. There’s just something about it that makes me happy. A-Ha? Toto? Van Halen? Journey? It’s like one big happiness factory.

    Back in the modern era, I’ve also been enjoying this song and waiting for the album to be released.

  5. I am now a huge fan of that first guy. Well, maybe not HUGE since I can’t remember his name but the next item on my to-do list is to find him on i-tunes.

    I think you’d like Tyrone Wells. Everyone always loves Sea Breeze, More, and Running Around in My Dreams, but my favorites are Dream Like New York, Wondering Where You Are, and Time of Our Lives. He yodels in one of his songs so yeah, you’ll probably love him.

    I don’t listen to much “cool” music so maybe everyone is already listening to Feist and you’re all thinking, “Dude, Katie, we ALL know about her already” but my friend who has a toddler just introduced me to Feist with this video:

  6. I LOVE Jon Bryant! I first saw him at the Gospel Music Awards, and then he stopped by my town for a tour. Amzing artist.

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Andrew Ripp. You should check him out.

  7. I love music suggestions. Hey Marseilles and Catherine Feeny (similar to what you’ve posted and I LOVE them both). Also Jeffrey Foucault for more Americana Folk-ness.

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