The Post About Guest Posting

Hello my dear internets!

Today you can find me visiting my friend Jamie’s blog. It’s about chasing rabbits. I’m chasing one of my own today. It’s about being in a place where there are lots of tourists when you are not a tourist yourself and the frustration that ensues. I’ll admit that it’s a mighty fine rant. If you like world famous manure, albino groundhogs and bears ripping off peoples’ faces, you’ll enjoy the post. Go read it now! While you’re there, check out some of Jamie’s stuff.

She bakes.

She reads.

She tweets.

She Facebooks.

She holds her pen the same way I do. It’s eerie. If you like what I do here, you’ll like what she does there. I promise.

If you’re visiting from Jamie’s blog, welcome! Have a look around. Use the tiny towels located to the left of the sink. Yes, those are mints on your pillow. Also enjoy this freshly squeezed orange juice. Oh but just one thing:


Mmmkay, thanks.


Peace and popcorn,



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