Twenty Four

I distinctly remember having a conversation with my cousin that went something like this:

My exactly one year and two days younger than me cousin: You’re turning 15 this summer!
Me: I know, isn’t it totally weird?
Cousin: You’re SO OLD.
Me: Yeah. Like, I know I’ve already been a teenager for two years, but turning fifteen is like, a REAL teenager.
Cousin: Yeah like in your Teen People magazine, I’d totally pay more attention to what the fifteen year olds are saying because you know, they’re like actually teenagers.


It is my 24th Birthday on Sunday.


Nothing really significant happens when you turn 24. I can already drive, gamble, buy nicotine, and drink. Not that I do all of these things, but I could if I wanted to. I’m not a quarter of a century yet. It’s not my champagne birthday for another four years. I have moved from the early twenties to the mid twenties club, but other than that, nothing really significant happens when you turn 24.

Except this year I feel like, you know, a REAL adult. I’m not sure I know what that means exactly, but I do know I’ll be eating cake tonight. Aaaaand tomorrow night. I know that birthdays are for making adult decisions like eating cake two (maybe three) nights in a row. If you’re a member of my immediate family, birthdays are for singing loudly and purposely off key.

And now, my third favourite thing about birthdays (next to cake and obnoxious singing, of course): embarrassingly cute pictures.


 . . .

2nd - Rice Krispie Cake

 . . .

3rd - Fanny pack and neon

. . .

4th - still in a high chair due to extreme littleness!

. . .

5th - Year of the bad haircut

. . .

7th - Glow In the dark mini golf

. . .

8th - the legendary POG cake

. . .

15th - the year my mom dropped the cake. Please note that my bro is holding a hairdryer

. . .

17th - my coworkers put candles in my omelet and discovered that candles will melt from both ends

. . .

20th - cue the chorus of "aaaaaaaws"

. . .

22nd - Momsie, me and the salty cupcakes. You failed us this year Martha Stewart

. . .

23rd - Clancy and I

What is your favourite part about birthdays? Did your mom ever drop your cake? Who remembers POGS?


20 thoughts on “Twenty Four

  1. Early Happy Birthday, Mandie! Hope you have an excellent one.

    I regret to inform you that you are three years past ancient now. I have this on good authority, because when I was 21, a 17 year old girl at my church asked how old I was. Upon being told ’21’, her exact words were, “That’s, like, ancient.” So there you go. Seventeen year olds know everything, so you’re now three years past ancient.

    Looking at the picture of you at 17, I’m amazed how much you look like a friend of mine at that age. Her hair was a lighter shade, but the resemblance is remarkable. This was not the one who called me ancient, however. :D

  2. Yes, I remember POGS. I remember them reaching my school a few years earlier than your cake, so we must have been on the cutting edge of that trend. If the Wiki article is correct, the game started its rise to popularity in Hawaii, but the pogs themselves were produced in Canada by the company that made the bottle caps that were initially used for the game in Hawaii. And apparently the game dates back to the 1920s/30s, with predecessor possibly as far back as the 1600s. All fascinating information I would not have learned if your cake had not inspired me to look it up. :>

  3. I don’t have any memories of my mom dropping my cake, but I do remember stepping (accidentally, of course) on my sister’s cake once. My mom had made her a special cake to take to school on her birthday, and put it on the floor in our mini-van, partially under the seat I was sitting in. All I remember is putting my feet down to get out of the car, feeling a squish, and having a very angry sister…

  4. 3 things:

    1. What 90s kid DOESN’T remember POGS?

    2. My “bad haircut” time frame was actually from age 6 (when my hair suddenly went from golden blonde to dark brown) to age 17 (when I shaved my head and just started over).

    3. You’re barely older than me. Let me know what to expect when 24 hits.

  5. AUGUST BIRTHDAYS RULE. I’m just sayin’.

    I don’t remember what I did for my 24th. I’m reasonably certain I turned 24 at some point, but I don’t recall that specific birthday. I guess that’s what happens when you hit 30. Be warned.

    I do remember, though, that for a couple recent birthdays my friends have taken me to Windsor to go five-pin bowling. One year we stopped at a McDonalds near the lanes and became jealous when we discovered that Canadian McDonalds have menu items that American McDonalds don’t. It’s so unfair.

  6. Favorite part about birthdays? Going out with my friends and standing a reasonable chance of not having to pay for anything.

    No cake dropping, but my parents told me they were getting divorced a couple of days after my birthday one year so that’s–not really the same thing at ALL. :)

    I’m an 80s kid. POGS were a little after my time. By the time POGS came around, I was way more interested in working on my first starter ‘stache and trying to impress girls than anything else. Hit the first one out of the part, but I’m still working on succeeding at the latter.

  7. Happy Birthday! Early or late, I’m not quite sure but I hope it’s great. A few things:

    1- We had the same bangs when we were little. The ones that started in the middle of our head. Classic. Did your mom cut yours too?

    2. The year of your bad hair cut was 5. I was 22 and about to graduate from college. Yes, there were tears, and yes, extensions were purchased and installed.

    3. Can you “install” extensions? That’s how little I know about hair.

    4. Glow in the dark mini golf sounds fantastic. Score one for Canada.

    5. Please tell me why he was holding the blow dryer. I fell asleep last night thinking about it.

    6. My brother still comes to my parents house and asks if they’ve yet to find his collection of pogs and slammers. He his them from our other brother when he was 11 and he still can’t find them. The next owners are going to get quite a treat when they discover those.

    7. I’m 29 now but my favorite part is still the cake. Always the cake. I’m so glad my mom never dropped mine. It would have scarred me.

    • 1. My grandma used to cut my mother’s bangs the night before picture day. Due to that humiliation, my mother swore never to cut my bangs herself. Thanks, Mom!

      2. I had several bad ones. There was a pixie cut phase. No. Just no.

      3. Well according to my brother, screwing a lightswitch plate to a wall counts as an install, so if that counts, so does hair extensions.

      4. It is. It really is.

      5. I honestly don’t remember why he was on that particular occasion but t’s not unusual for him. Hairdryers have always been his security blanket of sorts. He’s totally bald now, but still has his “HD time”. Now that he’s married, his wife limits him to a small amount of time per day. If you’ve ever seen King of Queens, my bro is so shockingly similar to Doug Heffernan it’s scary. So picture Doug with a hair dryer blowing on his face, and you have my brother. At least he doesn’t wipe boogers on my leg though, Katie.

      6. I still have mine. Tell your brother he’s a sucker.

      7. Well duh. Cake is the best part.

  8. A few things:
    1. I technically didn’t drop your kind of flipped when the footed plate got caught on the edge of the counter. Sorry but its a good story now!
    2. You wanted a Pog cake. What the heck else can you do for a Pog cake??
    3. At least I didn’t cut your bangs!
    4. I forgot Matt had the HD in that picture. Haha
    5. Happy Birthday pink baby…I love you!!!

  9. I love the Summer House birthday!! That’s adorable. Man I miss all those people and all their craziness.

    Happy Birthday fellow bingo babe!!

  10. I remember when I turned 15 I told everyone, “Well I have about 10 more years of life then I’m going to be old and lifeless.”

    I haven’t made it to 25 yet, so who knows maybe I will be.

    Happy Birthday!

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