GUEST POST: Things That Most People Think Are Dumb But Sharideth Thinks Are Awesome

Sharideth is an internet friend who writes a witty (and deliciously sarcastic) blog about men. Or is it about women? It’s a blog about women, for men. Written by a woman. And it’s fantastic. I have guest posted a couple of times (read the most recent one here) and here she is gracing the likes of mine. Very exciting day, internets! Sharideth plays a mean game of pool (so I hear) and has two kids (so I hear) and a husband with a beard (I’ve seen pictures).

Sharideth prefaced her “TTMPTADBSTAA post with “prepare to be fully offended” so you know it’s going to be good. Especially if you like Canada.

Without further ado….

*   *   *   *   *

something sharideth thinks is awesome, but other people think is dumb:  Canada

when i was brainstorming what thing in particular i find awesome that most people think is dumb, i had to go to the authority.  my husband.  there are just so many, i couldn’t narrow it down.  my whole world revolves around things other people think are dumb.

but then we hit on gold.


you heard me.

Craig, my husband, saw a documentary on how scientists are mapping the human genome.  they’ve found that chimpanzees and humans are only separated by a couple of chromosomes, but that humans and Canadians are separated by like five or six.

jagged little pill to swallow?  for reals.

still, i completely heart Canada.  my family and i went to BC three to four times a year when i was growing up.  their attempt at castles is adorable.  almost makes up for Nickleback.

but they did give us Rush.  who doesn’t love Rush?  and let me just say for the record, Canadian pop music has brought me no end of joy.  it is so incredibly terrible, you can’t help but embrace it.  exhibit a:

a mime?  really?  amazing.

Canada is like America’s kid brother.  it’s okay for us to pick on him, but we’ll totally noogie anyone else who tries.

have i mentioned Canada is gorgeous?  well, it is.  it has that hot-chick-who-gets-left-home-on-prom-night thing going on.  type in Quebec City in Google images sometime.  you’ll want to move there.

did i just infer in the last two paragraphs that Canada is transgendered?  my apologies.

Canada also gives us plenty of cold air.  which is only fair since we give them all the hot air they can stomach.  it’s a real prince among countries.  but not Prince William.  more like Prince Harry.  only without the questionable paternity.

i think Canada is awesome.  i really do.  i don’t care if they gave us Justin Beiber.  we gave them Miley Cyrus.  fair’s fair.  they also give us some of the nicest people i’ve ever met and have a lock on hospitality.  i’ll have words with anyone who bashes on Canada.

except my husband.  he still thinks Canada is dumb.  but i can’t afford marriage therapy, so…

how do you feel about Canada, eh?  see what i did there?

what about Canada do you think is awesome?  what do you think is dumb?


32 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Things That Most People Think Are Dumb But Sharideth Thinks Are Awesome

  1. I’m having to think about this video. Mime + popping/breaking. There’s a dozen Michael Jackson jokes people could make over that.

    1) You left out Alex Trebek on the list of awesome things Canada gave us.
    2) Don’t tell the smaller half of the Quebecois population that you think Quebec City is in Canada. They might hurt you.

    Technically, I don’t think the Canadians gave us Due South, I think Americans made it about them, but it’s still awesome and if I bothered to look up the producers it’d probably turn out to be a joint venture anyway. The song on the video is by a Canadian group, the Arrogant Worms.

    The Arrogant Worms also gave us Carrot Juice is Murder, which is awesomeness from Canada:

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  3. As a Michigan resident and Red Wings fan, I’d be negligent if I didn’t point out that Canada gave us Steve Yzerman. There are few sports figures as beloved in Michigan as Stevie Y.

    Also, five-pin bowling. That’s usually my reason for going to Canada. (Hi, Windsor.)

    I’d also like to second the nomination of Due South. I loved that show. I also enjoy Flashpoint — look out! Canadians with guns! — but that’s a little different from Due South.

  4. The one time I went to Canadia (that’s how we refer to Candada in Alabama), it was entirely too cold for me. Alas, I probably won’t be returning any time soon.

  5. Ooh, I can’t believe I forgot this one:

    Oddly enough, Canada gave us Cajuns and Bostonians. This is why no one else in the country can understand a thing either one says. :>

    Shortly summarized, the British stuffed the French Canadians from the region of Arcadia onto ships and sent part of them to Boston and part of them to New Orleans and replaced them with more British colonists. Arcadians became just Cajuns.

    • Yay for Nathan Fillion. Also, Jewel Staite! Loyal Browncoat right here.

      I have no idea who the first, second, third, and fifth persons on your list are. I might know them if I saw them though, as I’m terrible with actor/actress names if that’s what they are. :>

      I like your #6 too, but generally refer to them as BNL because it is difficult to sound righteous liking something with that name. :P

      However, venison Slurpees (it’s in the vid) sounds considerably more unrighteous. Downright evil. I’m not sure I want to know who thought stuffing a deer in a blender and drinking it over crushed ice sounded like a good idea. ;)

  6. Technically I don’t think we are dumb – we have top 200 world rated government subsidized university education. We also get the benefit of using the metric system for measurements and spelling words the British way (aka correctly) like colour, cheque, foetus etc.

    Don’t forget Sandra Oh and Mike Myers are also Canadian.

    As for it being too cold Vancouver rarely below freezing and snow, well it’s rare, I think Nashville received more than we did this year.

    • My English friends have that same spelling problem. I always tell them that if we named the language after them, you’d think they’d be able to spell it better. And that’s before they start dressing their cars in boots and bonnets…

      For a far superior combination of Canadian (Nathan Fillion) and bonnets:

      The pretty floral bonnet line is possibly one of the best lines ever.

  7. I went to Canada once. The only placed I stopped at was the Windsor Crossing outlet mall. I got me a nice pair of shoes for cheap. Canada was kind to me.

  8. Um…I love Canada for allowing us to visit there without a valid id. We were on a road trip and she lost her divers license. All she had was an expired college ID with her maiden name on it. No problem for Canada. Now when we tried to get back into America she almost got arrested.

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