Some Excuses and Some Pictures

It’s vacation. I’m on holiday (I believe this is a very Canadian/British term and frankly, I think it sounds wonderful). I haven’t been up to date with my blogging. I do promise I have some lovely guest posts on the way (five, if you include another stellar one from my dad) so just hang in there.

While I have been away from my blog, I baked some of these:

delicious, pretty AND gluten free!

I hung out with these munchkins:

Lots of cameras but Nudie Nolan got it right

I flew up to Northern Ontario (yes, even more northern than what I consider to be northern) to visit this fellow and his family for a week:

grainy iPod pictures, FTW!


I’ve also done some reading. A lot of reading. And a ton of writing. And dreaming and singing and loving and laying in the sun. And eating food cooked by a family that just returned from a vacation in Italy. And coffee drinking. I also watched a fox eat a goose (nature!). It’s been tough. The earlier stuff, not the fox/goose thing. That was pretty wretched (yet really compelling). But sadly, not a lot of blogging.

What about you? Have you seen nature in action recently? Or read a good book?


16 thoughts on “Some Excuses and Some Pictures

  1. Those cupcakes look amazing, Amanda!

    I got to pick up a live lobster for the first time last weekend. They’re fascinating creatures. Took a few pics for posterity, then we boiled and ate them. 12 lobsters, 5 adults. Quite the feast!

  2. The chocolate sculptures on top of the cupcakes look like they were designed to scare away any gluten that might try to invade. It sounds like the chocolate gluten fences were highly effective. And delicious.

    As for me…nothing crazy. Just getting warmed up for the start of high school football season, when I work every Friday night for at least nine weeks. But this is my favorite work in the entire world, so I’m happy about that. And I have two new lenses to play with, so it’s even a little more exciting.

    Oh, and there are two bats in my house. They made an appearance late at night a couple weeks ago, and they just showed up for another visit tonight. I tried to get video of tonight’s visit, but they disappeared back into the unlit rooms of the house before I could get my phone ready.

  3. you are rocking the cake decorating now! WTG!
    I’m still working full time, going to football almost full time :P and cleaning the rest, bet you envy me don’t you….

    • It’s actually a Martha Stewart recipe. I just replaced the flour with gf all purpose mix. I don’t ever use gf recipes…I just sub in gf flour for regular flour. Instead of lightly mixing like you would for normal cupcakes, I beat the tar out of it. Makes it lighter, believe it or not. It’s my secret to really light gf baked stuff. All purpose flour. Beat it like mad.

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