A Trend

When I was a wee one, I really liked this TV show. It was campy and distinctly Canadian. It was silly and fun and wholesome. It was everything I thought summer in Canada should be. I am of course talking about Camp Caribou. If you were not fortunate enough to experience this show for yourself, take a gander:

This show had everything: songs, dances, funny voices, canoeing, and songs about ping pong balls. I still can recite the Cariboo Creedo:

Once the show had run its course, the shorter Camp Counselor became our local news station’s weekend weatherman. Every time I watched the weather update, I’d reminisce about the glory years in front of the tube. The years when my pre-kindergarten mornings were filled with canoe tips and cheesy jokes. Those were good days. When I was in university, I saw Tom the Keener turned Weatherman in the produce aisle. I was speechless. My five year old self nearly peed her pants reaching for a head of romaine. One of my childhood heros. Buying lettuce. I can’t describe my delight in words.

Fastforward to my preteen years. This delightful Canadian show quickly became a favourite:

Oh the hilarity of high schoolers drawing comic books.

May I direct your attention to Best Friend Chris, shown at approximately 0:26. Best Friend Chris is now our local news station’s weatherman. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. Another childhood TV star on the news, pointing on a green screen. I can barely fathom it.

What does it all mean, Amanda? I’m asking myself the same question. I’ve analyzed it. I’ve thought it over. And I have come to a conclusion. If this is a trend (and I’m quite certain after two unlikely events occur, it is a trend), then it can only mean one thing. I’m not sure whether to be excited or terrified.

Our next weatherman will be Mr. Twister:

And yes, he most certainly said BOOBIE.


12 thoughts on “A Trend

  1. I remember Camp Cariboo!!!!! AND Student Bodies! Man, that brings me back. The Student Bodies Opening Theme clip cut off the last sentence – “It’s High School!”

    • Oh nevermind. I watched it again and it wasn’t cut off. Weird.
      One of the quick links afterward was to the intro for Radio Active – did you watch that show too??

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