A New Person

This past weekend, I became an aunt for the third time. My big brother became a daddy at 9:30 Thursday night. Both my brothers are daddies. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Welcome to the world, little Arianna Grace! Since I am your aunt, you will be photographed obnoxiously. You will always have a cuddle spot in my arms. You will always have someone to do weird crap with. I’ll take you to the mall. I’ll take you to live theatre events. I’ll teach you choreographed dance moves. I’ll teach you to say things you’re probably not supposed to say. I’ll teach you to appreciate facial hair. I’ll teach you comedic timing and the beauty of a well constructed punch line. I’ll show you how to make pretty things for your mommy and daddy. I’ll teach you every little thing that will drive your daddy crazy. It’ll be awesome.

Oh, I should also probably tell you that you’re not the first little sweetie in my life. Your cousins are Bean and Granolan. They already know how awesome it is to have me as an aunt. We have lots of fun. We listen to the Wiggles and have Justin Bieber dance parties. We build stuff. And fly around the house like airplanes. We have tea parties. We sing a whole lot. And read books. Oh the books. There is always lots of cuddling, too. I had a little chat with them and explained that there is a new baby in town, but that won’t cut down on the fun we’ll have.


They didn’t believe me at first, but when I explained that MORE babies mean MORE fun, this is how they reacted:







I know, right? I’m pretty excited, too.


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