Continuing Education 102: 3 Simple Steps

I was going to write a long eloquent piece about the first few basic steps to good hygiene, but I decided to make a video instead. Yeah you read that right. A video. Why? Because I have way too much time on my hands. And because I know you learn in many different ways. Differentiated learning. On my blog. About hygiene. SOME THINGS ARE TOO GLORIOUS FOR WORDS.

For anyone who has spent any extended period of time with me in person, none of the following material will surprise you. In fact, you may even be expecting weirder stuff to come out of my mouth. The Indian accent, Lisping Susie, hideous faces (worse than those you will see here) and awkward hand gestures (a la Ricky Bobby) were all edited out. Although delightfully quirky, they took away from my message. And I want my message to ring loud and clear. You got this?

Here she be:

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

And yes, my walls really are that green.


14 thoughts on “Continuing Education 102: 3 Simple Steps

  1. High five on this. I’m digging the video angle to these. I kept expecting your green walls to turn into the Grand Canyon or Jupiter. Maybe the next one could take place on Jupiter?

  2. This was fantastic. I’m not sure which voice/persona I liked best but I was a bit terrified of the valley girl because, well, because I don’t always shower with soap once a day and I felt like she (the lisping valley girl version of you) was looking into my soul and calling me out and calling me disgusting.

    Okay, fine. I get it. I’ll stop counting a dip in the pool as a shower since it is missing step two (soap). And I don’t want to smell like water and B.O. because I don’t want to disgust others like your multiple personalities.

    Message received.

    If your next post tells me I need to start washing my sheets more than once every two months….well I don’t know if I can keep reading these “hygiene” posts.

  3. I’ve been fighting the urge to complain about the complexity of this lesson. That reminded me of a story you might appreciate.

    My brother, a third-grade teacher, was giving his students instructions. “Please open your books to page 17,” he said. “Page 17,” he repeated. After a moment, one student raised his hand. “I don’t get it,” he said.

    So yeah, I wanted to be that kid, but on purpose. But I’m not going to be that kid…this time.

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  5. I used to have walls that color! My landlord caught me painting half way through and was not thrilled. And I was honestly shocked when the following tenants wanted me to paint it back to white for them. BORING.

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