Losing My Wisdom

I got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.

Overall the experience wasn’t a big deal and everyone in the office was lovely and did a wonderful job. I could go into more details about the nurse who kept stroking my hand or setting off the car alarm while I was waiting in the drugstore parking lot thus getting really confused and upset (“I was just dusting! And the thing starting whoo whooing!”), or about how my mom almost passed out because of the blood, but I’ll forgo any long explanations.

Instead, I share with you a post-op video. It’s no unicorns flying over the land of the blueberries video, but it’s still rather amusing.

This is hideous and unflattering, but the hilarity outweighs the hideous (at least I hope it does).

**Editor’s note: the thing I mention several times…and the thing I touch…is a painting of woodpeckers**



6 thoughts on “Losing My Wisdom

  1. This was awesome. Even if you didn’t break into a rap of “Who’s In The House”.

    I have no idea why but I busted out laughing when you said “Construction Workers!”

  2. I am here from stuffkidswrite.com – obviously you are a woman with some serious self-deprecating humor. I love this video so much! You are a hoot.

    I got my wisdom teeth removed when I was 21. I’m told I fell down the front flight of stairs and then asked, “Were those here when we came in?” I have no recollection of this event. ;-)

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