Forms for Life

Sometimes life situations arise that are difficult. Whether it is a spat with a loved one, an annoyance with your kid or a disagreement with a coworker, we all find ourselves in situations that require a response, but we don’t always know how to properly respond so as not to offend or hurt feelings. 

Remember permission slips? Of course you do. Your parents had to fill one out before you were allowed to go on school trips. They were fairly simple forms – fill in a name here, circle a destination there, and possibly check a box or two. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these forms for any of the scenarios I mentioned earlier? Well internets, because I’m such a gracious blog-host, I have come up with one just for this very purpose. Use it to get yourself out of even the stickiest of situations.

   * * * * *

Dear spouse/partner/offspring/boss/friend/acquaintance,

I’m truly sorry for what I did to hurt/offend/ignore/diss you/the kids/your mother/the dog/that random pedestrian. It was never my intent to __________________ (insert offense here). I should have never _____________ (describe offense in greater detail).

Please accept my sincerest of apologies. In the future, I commit to changing my behaviour. From now on I will not yell at/ignore/pay attention to you/the kids/your mother/the dog/that random pedestrian.

I hope you know that I am trying my best to improve/change/gravel/understand.

Love/sincerely/warm regards/respectfully,

Your name

Fill in some blanks for me. Circle some words. What did your form say in the end?


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