Friday Field Notes

I work with kids. In an average day they say some pretty fantastic things and I often steal their words to put in an oh-so-hilarious status update. For your reading pleasure, I now present you with: Friday Field Notes. A place where I will collect my weekly quotes and throw them at you in one chunk of awesome.


Kindie boy: Um, excuse me Miss B, but I think you should have cut your nails this morning. They’re really long.


Kid: I’m 10 but I play on the 11 and 12 year olds’ soccer team.
Me: Oh cool. What’s that like?
Kid: Well, they’re big but they’re really slow.
Me: Haha
Kid: I look like a leprechaun out there.


On a fire safety field trip:
Teenage tour guide: So here is Bill, just sitting in the bathtub after a long day. He’s listening to some Justin Bieber on the radio that is on a shelf above his tub. Why is this a safety hazard?
Kid: Uh, because Justin Bieber is a terrible singer?


Kindie girl (carrying a monster made from paper, running across the room, shoving monster in my face, yelling): DO YOU LIKE MY RIVER MONSTER?

Same Kindie girl: (holding a stuffed cat, running across the room, shoving cat into my face, yelling): DO YOU LIKE MY PUSSY?



One thought on “Friday Field Notes

  1. Because I was sharing some of your Friday Field Notes with a friend, I have followed them back to this entry.

    I am just going to sit here a few moments and be thankful no little girls in my class ever yelled out that question. Particularly since I taught Sunday School. There are very few safe ways of answering that question yelled into a church hallway, especially as a male teacher, in this modern age.

    Flip side, I’m kinda sad we live in a world where enough people would jump to ill conclusions to make this question suspect. :(

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