I assume you’ve either found your way here because of a link I posted on either my Blogger blog or Twitter or Facebook or…you’re stalking me. In which case I’m not sure how you got here but I’m going to go close my blinds.


Oh yeah, welcome!

I’m still figuring out this WordPress jazz, so bear with me. I managed to transfer the majority of my posts (except for the most recent epic piece on shortness that took way too long to compose and upload…that Blogger deleted…way to break the camel’s back, piece of straw) but I dropped the dandelion thing. Not because I don’t love it, just because. Well it was time. I don’t have to have a reason do I? No. I don’t. But if you must know, I was tired of being compared to that Five Iron Frenzy song. I did it before I heard the song. I promise. Stop asking so many questions.

Everything you have read in the past is now here, but in prettier font and cleaner format. My inner graphic designer is overflowing with glee.

Please enjoy the show. Comment lots (some of them didn’t get transferred…) and let’s do this. I don’t know what that means.

This was a post about posting. How meta of me. Now enjoy this clip from one of my favourite shows. About a show. That’s not actually a show. See what I did just there?


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dude, I’m glad to see someone else just as fed up with blogger as I am. I actually had a dream last night that I called up Oko (who in my dream controlled blogger) and told him, “Thanks for nothing. I’m switching to WordPress.” In my dream blogger had deleted a really long, cool post by me. In reality I lost 2 paragraphs that probably weren’t that great but I can’t remember what they said and apparently my subconscious is pretty pissed about it.

    Sorry to talk about my dreams. I hate when people tell really long stories about their dreams. It’s never as interesting as they think it is. But then here I went and did just that. But my point is: it’s funny that I dreamt it, woke up and was reading blogs and found you made the little switch a roo here that my subconscious was considering.

    Also, sorry I called you dude. I find that I often address people as that when I type. Perhaps I need to quit this.

    I really like your new look (on the blog, not yourself. I’m assuming you still look the same) and am inspired to change as well. So thanks for the inspiration.

    And finally, your piece on shortness was indeed very epic. That is a shame that that treasure is lost. I’m just glad I started stalking you this week and was able to read it.

    • I call people dude all the time. In person and in type. I’m not offended.

      I also enjoy your rambling comments. Comments are like gold stars for bloggers. They really are. Thanks for the awesome gold star!

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