>Analyze This

>I have a reoccurring dream. 

I only have this dream when I sleep in. It’s one of those dreams that happens in my regular setting so it feels as though it could really happen. Or maybe it has already happened and I just think it’s a dream. Or maybe I’m still dreaming, and what I think is a dream is real life and what I think is real life is really a dream. I’ve never seen Inception so it’s hard to know for sure.

In my dream I wake up in my bed after a long sleep-in. I get up and see a bug crawling on my headboard. I squish the bug and get on my hands and knees because I know what’s coming next. More bugs and creatures. Under the bed. And in my covers. The bugs never move quickly and I’m able to squish them all on the first or second try. There are lots of bugs, but they don’t swarm or overwhelm my efforts to squish them.

Throughout the dream, I remain completely calm. I am not phased by the multitudes of insects in my bed. There is always something weird to squish them with. Last night it was a lid to a Tupperware container. These are not tiny insects. These are great big, giant (at least two inches in length) bugs. Cockroaches. Scorpions. Beetles. Big crunchy bugs that make noise when I squish them. After they’ve been destroyed they seem to vanish. At the end of the dream, after all of the bugs have been exterminated, the same thing (sometimes there is more than one) comes crawling out from under the bed:

A baby turtle.

I pick it up and smile. I stroke his soft belly and I say, “Oh, a baby turtle.”

And then I wake up.

I am now accepting analyses of this dream in the comments. 

Your help is much appreciated.


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