>Typically Out of the Ordinary

>While internet browsing, I came across the following video at Jesus Needs New PR:

The reason I find this video funny is the same reason it’s funny that my 14 month old niece keeps saying “douche”*. This is also why I like knit in public and use the phrase “oh my lanta” as much as possible. It’s the same reason it’s funny to see a big burly man walking a tiny frou-frou dog.

It is also the reason this next story is funny.

A couple of years ago my brothers, cousins and I had a conversation about why our grandparents keep their TV remote hidden behind a clock. They have always kept it in the same spot and it has puzzled us ever since we were little. My brother speculated that it was their little security measure. His idea, roughly paraphrased:

“The robber would come in, pick up the TV and tell his partner to grab the remote. They wouldn’t be able to find it because hiding a remote behind a cuckoo clock is brilliant, so the guys would just give up and go home. Later Grandma would enter the room, see the TV had not been stolen and say, “Oh no you didn’t!” and that would be the end of it.”

If you need a visual representation, take a look:

*We don’t think she’s actually saying douche, but it sure sounds like it.


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