>Life Goals

>I used to hate making goals. Since I’ve altered my thinking from “goal setting” to “things I want to do before I’m a certain age” I have discovered that I have many goals. I have never done anything on this list, and I would like to accomplish all of them. I’ve also posted this same list under “Life Goals” over there —–>

Here are my 30 before 30 (in no particular order):

  1. See Sufjan Stevens in concert
  2. Eat lobster
  3. Live within walking distance of a coffee shop/craft store/fancy cooking store (any would do)
  4. Write a song other than ones I make up on the spot every day
  5. See the Rocky Mountains
  6. Take dance lessons
  7. Completely gut and renovate an old house
  8. Land a permanent contract job
  9. Take voice lessons
  10. Talk in an accent for an evening in order to convince a stranger that it’s real
  11. Take a fancy cooking course (or several)
  12. See Ingrid Michaelson in concert
  13. Be a part of a show where people pay $20.00 or more to see
  14. Sing in front of a crowd
  15. See a show on Broadway
  16. Hit up a jazz club in downtown Montreal (must be drinking a martini when this occurs)
  17. Fall in love
  18. Teach nieces and nephews a choreographed song and dance number
  19. See the ocean (any one will do)
  20. Adopt a Greyhound dog
  21. Publish a children’s book (or three)
  22. Try my hand at some stand-up comedy
  23. Travel to the east coast
  24. Make flan
  25. Host an unnecessarily fancy dinner party (serve flan)
  26. Go scuba diving
  27. Babies! Birth, adopt, foster – any way they choose to come to me.
  28. Oh, get married (that first…then babies)
  29. Preach a sermon
  30. Change someone’s life (for the better)

5 thoughts on “>Life Goals

  1. >A Broadway show is amazing – I would suggest scouting out in advance when the celebrities are doing to the lesser know versions. I saw West Side Story two years ago and while it was incredible – the theatres are so small, I would have loved to have been that close to a celebrity – it's NYC why not?

  2. >#10 is easy. Just come down to the Southeastern USA, and you'll automatically be talking in an accent as far as all of us are concerned. As long as you say "eh" periodically, we might even believe it's a Canadian one when you tell us. :D

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