>I make fun of the people who send out Christmas letters. You know the ones. They talk about all of their accomplishments, all their kids’ accomplishments, and brag about their grandchildren. My personal favourite is when they word slightly disappointing circumstances so they are still able brag. “Johnny has been promoted to manager last month. His coworkers look up to him and ask for his guidance on a daily basis. He’s moving up in the company” really means “Our youngest works at the greasy diner down the road. He’s really tall so they keep him around to reach the stuff on the top shelves. One day he might even get to push the buttons on the cash register”. Last year’s favourite letter included a picture of a couple with their multitudes of grandchildren dressed in white lounging on the man’s Corvette. The posh brag photo. I only get about part-way through a letter before I’m saying “I don’t care”. Because most of the time, I don’t.

So it really boggles my mind why I’m writing a “year in review” post. But I am. You don’t have to care, but this year was a biggie for me, so neener neener to all of you, I’m going to write about it. 2010 started at a friend’s New Year’s party, being grossed out by a guy eating frozen, uncooked spring rolls*. Things only got better from then on. Here are some milestones:

-Graduated from my post-grad program and began my stupidly fun career. I still can’t believe someone is paying me to do what I do. I feel ridiculously blessed.

-Watched my niece the Bean turn 1 year old. I can’t remember what life was life pre-Bean. Probably really boring.

-Learned that both of my sisters-in-law are pregnant, due within two months of each other. Friends also started having children this year. Babies!

-Witnessed many more of my friends tie the knot. You people make my heart smile and I’m lucky to have you in my life.

-Avoided the bouquet toss at every wedding this year. Yes, this is an accomplishment.

-Liked, lost and learned. I went on some dates this year which for the most part were positive, healthy and taught me a lot about myself. I also ended a brief relationship** with a high five.

-Started going to a new church. It was the hardest decision of the year but the one that has brought the most growth, support and pure joy. And really really wonderful people.

-Joined an improv team and discovered what my laughter life had been lacking. We’re awesome, but our website is still sparse. Keep watching it for bios, videos and show dates.

-Starred in my first community theatre play. I’ve never had so much fun with such a random mix of people.

-Bought a new vehicle. He has officially been named Bertrand la Petite Auto Rouge (inspired by Clifford the Big Red Dog. Except French).

-Started a mystery project with someone I met through my old daycare job. All I can tell you at this point is that it’s awesome, fun and combines two of my passions into something I didn’t realize was a passion until now. We’re excited and things should be coming together early in the new year.

I just wrote two serious posts in a row. Stay tuned in the new year for lots more stuff that’s hopefully funny. I look forward to writing more crap for you to read, dear internets.

Be safe. Be merry. It’s Christmas!

*That relationship didn’t last.
**The spring roll thing may or may not have contributed to the break up.


One thought on “>2010

  1. >I love Christmas letters! It's true. I hope that one day soon when I start writing them (I have to now, I have a child) you won't make fun of me! Or at least not to my face…

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