>By Popular Demand*

>Snuggilicious pictures.

Recreating the picture on the box. Look how easy it is to use the remote!
A Snuggie built for three! This also shows the height difference between us sisters-in-law. The other two are definitely crouching.
Even Spawn of Satan Sassie enjoys it. Update: today I witnessed her opening a closet door. It’s like living with a furry, black Houdini. Who is evil.

*By popular demand in this case means Annie. She is a very pregnant Lady of Leisure. She gets what she demands.


4 thoughts on “>By Popular Demand*

  1. >Hi Mandie, I'm a long time blog reader, first time commenter. I just wanna say your posts always make my day! (best if read with a southern redneck accent) Seriously though, evil black Houdini? I lol'd, and then winced in terrible pain…it may be too early to stop taking the magic pills…

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