>Paraphrase of a Dinnertime Conversation

>Note before you read: Barb is our cleaning lady and consequently my mother’s favourite person.

Mom: I want to see Jan Arden in concert.

Me: Really? Since when do you like her? Name one of her songs.

Mom: Um…well…she’s funny!

Me: Why would you go see her in concert if you don’t even know any of her music?


Dad: Ask Barb, I bet she’d go with you.

(Dad and I laugh)

Mom: Hey, what’s that called again? Baking and waking?

Me: Wake and bake. It’s Monday, so Mom is going to clean before Barb cleans.

(Dad and I laugh)

Dad: Barb is your mother’s best friend.

(Dad and I laugh)

Mom: I get a massage in the afternoon now so I don’t smell it any more.

Me: Jan Arden?

Mom: Noooo, the university students smoking pot!

This makes about as much sense to you as it does to me. I love you, Mommy.


One thought on “>Paraphrase of a Dinnertime Conversation

  1. >I hope your mom goes to see Jann Arden. You know, I was raised on Jann Arden (mostly in highschool… in my house she was always playing on the family CD player) and I think I might be a closet fan. But I think the only way I would go see her in concert is if Roch Voisin opened for her. Greatest concert of the century!!!!

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