>The Perks

>My mother recently said, “embrace your singleness”. I had a discussion with another single friend and this is the list of perks we came up with:

1. You always know what your plans are. You never have to confirm with another person.

2. Lots of free time.

3. Coffee dates with members of the opposite sex are always acceptable.

4. Guys love single ladies. Ladies love single guys.

5. You can sing and dance to that Beyonce song and not feel like a fake.

6. You can answer your Grandma’s “do you have a special friend?” question with “actually, I have LOTS of special friends, Grandma”.

7. Your Grandma will pray that you stop leading a sinful life and settle down and become monogamous.

8. As long as you don’t have a cat, you can pack up and vacation in Fiji in less than a day’s notice.

9. You only have to open your own car door.

10. Eating Kraft dinner directly from the pot is considered fine dining.

11. Flirting with the bag boy at the grocery store!

12. Cell phone bills are lower.

13. Farting. And lots of it.

14. I can sleep in a race car bed? (That’s the last time Dillis gets to contribute to a blog post)

Feel free to add to the list!


2 thoughts on “>The Perks

  1. >You don't have to worry about shaving in the winter. Gross but I appreciate it – one less thing to worry about.You can decorate the way you want to without having to incorporate his hideous ______ in your modern chic decor.You can eat what you want, when you want – no having to be home to put food on the table etcYou can go out with the girls on the spur of the moment, get drunk and/or flirt with whoever you want to and not feel one bit guilty.PS I love the special friends comment – I will be using that this Christmas.

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