>aaaand we’re back!

>I am back in action after my fairly long blogging hiatus. Things were really bad, but now they’re well on their way to being really good again. Oh life.

Awhile back I blogged about an experience with a mysterious brown smear. I never thought I would use that tag again, but then I started working at a daycare. Here is a list of things on which I have discovered mysterious brown smears:

  • beds
  • kitchen centre
  • bouncy balls
  • lunch table
  • floor
  • blankets
  • bedsheets
  • shoes
  • legs
  • bums
  • backs
  • shirts

Granted, there isn’t anything mysterious about these brown smears, but I like to keep calling them that in order to maintain my sanity and/or my lunch.

Enriching your blogging experience one poo story at a time,



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