>weekly weirdo awards

>Honorable mention: CHYM FM. They play Amy Winehouse songs, and consequently, my mother sings them.

Third place: Woman at Bioped. I arrived 13 minutes early for my 9:30 appointment today, and she arrived 10 minutes after I did for her 9:00 appointment. I went in first, and got some huge massive stink eye from her because….she was nearly half an hour late and I was on time? Hmm.

Second place: Laundry lady. On Halloween, Kirk, Dave and I knocked on a woman’s door and asked her if she had any non-perishable food to donate to the Food Bank. She said yes, and returned with a half-used bottle of Tide.

And the winner is….

The lady down the street who asked my mother if she could smell Sassie’s puppy breath. She did smell her and loved it, apparently.


2 thoughts on “>weekly weirdo awards

  1. >I benefitted from the Tide. Fresh laundry! Yes!And… the puppy breath is just weird… really really weird…(my previous word verification was ‘sking’, then I had to change my identity, and now it’s ‘ching’)

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